Occupy Raffles Place

The Occupy Wall Street Movement is spreading across America and has reached Europe and Asia as well. We have Occupy London and now Korea, Malaysia, the Phillipines, Thailand on 15 Oct. Some Singaporeans are also talking about joining the Movement with Occupy Raffles Place this Saturday at 2.00pm. A facebook entry has been set up but meeting with lukewarm response. The police too have also taken to warn any would be demonstrators that it is illegal to do so except maybe Occupy HongLim.

The Movement started in New York where the protestors calling themselves the 99% are denouncing the greed in the finance industry, particularly the bankers and the Stock Exchange. They are saying that the huge income gap is unacceptable and the greed in Wall Street must be stopped.

How would this take shape here where the huge income gap is sung like a song, that it is perfectly a normal state of affair? From the look of it, it is going to be a non event. The people are happy with the big income gap and the greed all over as many are beneficiaries to the prosperity in every corner of the island. Everyone is feeling richer by the minutes while the income gap keeps widening. It is a good thing by the way.

Maybe they should change the tag into Celebrate Raffles Place. The turn out could be better and the festive mood may put the police more at ease.

Yes, yes. Not Occupy Raffles Place. Celebrate Raffles Place by the 99% of which many are millionaires also. They can also shout, Corporate Greed Is Good.


The said...

Singapore being a tiny little dot, we should scale everything down. How about "Occupy Parliament" or Occupy Cabinet"? (No, not the one in the kitchen or bedroom.)

Anonymous said...

It is too late to occupy anywhere in Sin, everywhere and everything are too expensive to occupy.
Just get far away from them, show them the cold shoulder, show them You despise them and don't look into their faces. It will be good enough for your message to get through.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The only good thing about expensive public transport is to prevent people from travelling from one corner to another corner to participate in occupation of squares.

Anonymous said...

No need to Occupy Raffles Place.

Vote wisely in GE 2016.

And make sure you convert another swing voter to also vote wisely.

If you just do this, you will have done enough already.

The only action that matters is the vote.

Anonymous said...

Have you thought of the police joining the demonstrators? They also 99%.

Anonymous said...

One 'warning" from the police and singaporeans back off liao? What kind of people's will is that? How do you expect your soldiers or peasants to find and die for you if your opponent just send you a warning, do you back off? Keep up with that attitude, and this is the whole problem with Singapore. When your war come, don't expect people/peasant to fight and die for you also.

And is OK that your politicians can punch above their weight internationally, and is NOT OK for your people to punch their own weight in this island? What message are you trying to tell me? Reclaim your country . You can speak out anywhere peacefully and not just in one designated area. Occupy and celebrate!!

Anonymous said...

Mr redbean..you have a lot of voices for CPF right? Go and occupy CPF building lah..these young pple need 'steady hands' to stand by them. Support or not?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

It will be just you and me.

Anonymous said...

Occupy Raffles Place?

What are we going to do there?

Only can give a steady finger to join the steady hand.

Anonymous said...

Free buffet at Raffles Place.
All you can eat chili crab!

Guaranteed Raffles Place will be occupied.

Anonymous said...


So GIC act very quickly leh..very abnormal.
Name your demands..they want to hear your constructive dissatisfaction now!

Anonymous said...

Jus ignore them, give them no free advice.

Anonymous said...

US still plundering global wealth.
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Updated: 2011-10-14 07:56
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Anonymous said...

US still plundering global wealth.
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So in fact it is the US that has gained the largest benefits from global economic imbalances through its firmly controlled dollar hegemony.
The author is an economics researcher with the State Information Center.
(China Daily 10/14/2011 page8)

Anonymous said...

How to distinguish ministers, senators, congress men, MPs, stock brokers, bankers and big time businessmen in US and other places in the so call western democracies and the like from rogues, crooks and scoundrels. It 's next to impossible because they are all the same. They have no ethics, no morals, no conscience and are self satisfying and self aggrandizing with endless greed and lust for power and money. Even hell and heaven dare not accommodate them because they are too evil.


Anonymous said...

We are even worst than USA ! We have the greed of government, of which is the root of all evils in the greed of everything in Singapore. You will find greedy ministers and MPs working in finance, insurance etc ... and are we surprise to find toxic product, high insurance premium... that make money into pockets for PAP lackeys ?

Anonymous said...

When Dr Chee tried to occupy the walkway outside CPF Board, they sent a team of riot squad to the scene.

What do you think will happen if a group of beans try to occupy CPF?

Better take your occupation to Hong Lim Park lah!

Anonymous said...

Morgan Stanley design Pinnacle Notes structure product to cheat investors. Product endorsed by MAS. Isn't this corporate cheat ?

Anonymous said...

Occupying Raffles Place will only drive off investor and cause many job loss.
Occupy Wall Street is OK because the crumbling of American economy causes alot of people to be jobless and families affected. Yes, the American causes some bad effect on us but not Raffles Place.

I think this one is organised by retailers/food operators at Raffles Pl. On weekend, there almost ghost town. This should help bring in the crowd.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You got a brilliant idea. The hawkers at Golden Shoe should organise one, Occupy Raffles Place on a Sunday with food at half price. I am sure it will be packed, and no problem with the law. Just apply for a permit and it will be given.

Yes, I will like to fly to New York to support Occupy Wall Street: )

Anonymous said...


Apply for a permit? That is the problem why it will never be successful.

Even if the powers that be issue a permit, there will be conditions galore. You know the system well enough lah! No need to elaborate.

Worse come to the worse, you may end up as one of those 'occupying Whitley or Changi or a holiday chalet on Sentosa' instead, if the situation gets out of hand.