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Notable quote by Shanmugam

Govt has to acknowledge that segments of the population have been left behind. K. Shanmugam

This is the most profound statement that has come out from a minister for a long time. Why is this so important? It says that there are segments of the population that have been left behind. It also says that the govt is not acknowledging this fact. See how frightening things have become. People have been left behind, the govt knows, but refused or not going to admit it. Or maybe the govt really does not know, only Shanmugam knows. Which is which?

This is very similar to the claims that housing was not a problem and housing is affordable. That housing is a very serious problem that demands Boon Wan to work extra hard, and HDB to ram up building of HDB flats are remedies taken urgently to solve the housing problem. By why were people given the impression that there was no housing problem?

Then the affordable claim. Really, that housing is affordable, or people just have no choice but to buy and to work for it for the next 30 years? Would any minister wish to stand up and say it honestly that it is not affordable? Or would it just be like housing, was never a problem and just live with it?

I would like to ask again. Is it true that there are people who are left behind? And why is it that the govt must acknowledge that there are people who are left behind? What is all this about? Got problem pretends no problem or did not know there is a problem, or know got problem but did not want to admit there is a problem? Either way, this is a very serious situation to prompt Shanmugam to say such a thing. I think he tak boleh tahan oredy.


naiew said...

forgive them.. for the elitists will never understand how the commoners lives..

Anonymous said...

Waiting for them to acknowledge they have done wrong?

Anonymous said...

Action -
Occupy SG Parliament Public Gallery during Parliament Section for first hand information / impression and spread it out to those who are unable to attend.

The said...

/// Got problem pretends no problem or did not know there is a problem, or know got problem but did not want to admit there is a problem? ///

Could be due to:
a) Denial, or
b) Loss of face.

Probably due to both.

Anonymous said...

What is the use of acknowledgement if their only solution is lip services. The greatest sin of Singaporeans is the fact that they are easily bought over with sweet talks and empty promises.


Anonymous said...

Some of the PAP MPs have awaken up from their amnesia from two dosages of medicine. One when Aljunid was lost in the last GE and now the second dosage when the 6 WP's MPs plus 2 NMPs showed themselves to be as credible as the PAP's MP in Parliament. So either they wake up or they are gone the next GE.

Anonymous said...

Some will force themselve to wake up mah...else they will be booted out in next GE...

Anonymous said...

"The greatest sin of Singaporeans is the fact that they are easily bought over with sweet talks and empty promises."

Shouldn't this be said of Christians?

Anonymous said...

i reckon if people took turns to hold their breath - ie when one person dies from lack of breath, the next one starts holding his, and when he dies, the next one takes over and so on - it might take more than 50 man years, probably longer, before the PAP acknowledges it made a mistake.

as you point out, our "best" brains, our great politicians, are so blur they constantly put their foot in their mouth.

yours is a sharp, hilarious commentary. thank u.

Anonymous said...

Shanmugam probably have to admit this because Lim Say Swee replied he did not know what to say in his rebuttal to Low Thia Kiang. Low was saying that there is a perception that the MIW took care of their own (obviously meaning that others are left behind). Those with political power have the means to increase their wealth in spite of their fellow citizens struggling, and then getting away with paying lip service (or sometimes not even bothering, like Lim Swee Say) to the concerns of the electorates can get away because they have draconian laws to intimidate.


Anonymous said...

What he said is not important. What they will do about the problem is.

Talking and making speeches and boasting about track record everyday is irrelevant. That is the past. The important thing is taking action to change policies for the future.

Like talking about HDB everyday, but doing nothing about escalating prices. Like talking about tightening the influx of foreign workers, but in reality only tinkering with the problem because they still see the need to keep on letting them in, to help employers. Like boasting about the circle line, but doing nothing about the worsening crunch that many are feeling.

Anonymous said...

They are just going thru the motion and parroting what we've feedback to them e.g. must help the poor etc. Did anyone see any ACTION from MIWs so far except empty promises, empty words and wayang?

If they are sincere to ACT and help Singaporeans, they would have immediately changed the law to prohibit PRs from purchasing HDB, reduce healthcare cost etc.

Is just another wayang too fool people who are not used to using their brains to analyze.

Anonymous said...

They are paid millions per year. We have feedback to them over the past 10 years what went wrong. With the internet, people have contributed many constructive ideas to resolve problems that MIWs created. Yet what happened? They pretend that they just woke up and realized the issues. Worse is that they can still ask oppositions to give solutions when they are the ones paid millions to work out the issues they created. Also it shows that very obviously they've brushed our feedback and solutions aside and again gone into the selective deafness problem yet again!

Anonymous said...

Attack housing, attack immigrants and PAP and Singapore will go down. Then WP will take over and we can attack housing and lack of jobs for graudates and boring kampong life recreated and WP gets knock off and another round of turmoil for Singaporeans and SDP voted in to power and on and on attack attack attack LOL

Anonymous said...

MIW are just wayanging!
The action should be in GE2016.
Change of government is imperative for future survival of this small red dot.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

If we keep going in the same direction, we will become a very rich country but very poor people, with no understand of what life is all about.

I just wrote on a mother's plea for affordable housing. The huge gap in the perception of the meaning of affordability is no laughing matter. It shows that the govt is going in one direction and the people in another, and never shall the twain meet.

When the govt insists that housing is affordable, it is affordable. So please don't keep bugging at the govt. The govt knows best.

Anonymous said...

Amongst the most frightening human species is lawyers; the Species with fork tongues and two heads.

Anonymous said...

I'll drink to that!

Anonymous said...