No show at Raffles Place

Everyone seems to be disappointed at the no show for Occupy Raffles Place on Saturday. Some conveniently put the blame on the police for warning people not to participate or risk breaking the law for illegal assembly. Should it be a surprise at all? I knew from the very moment when the call of Occupy Raffles Place came out that there will be no such protest. And there is no need for me to bring my camera to cover the event. And I save $2 on mrt fare too.

Corporate greed and corruption is indeed a very serious problem in Europe and America. Everyone in the financial centres and those in govts are just as corrupt and greedy. That is why the Americans and Europeans are angry. And that is why their economies are facing the worst financial crisis today. They are expecting a revolution to cleanse the corporate world and their govts of greed.

Take a look at paradise. Take a deep breath and look again. Everything is just fine. Where got financial crisis? The economy is booming and everyone is so happy making millions and buying properties and cars even if they are the most expensive items in the world. When the economy is so well managed, when there is no corporate greed or corruption, there is obviously no need to Occupy Raffles Place. So Raffles Place was like a cemetery on Saturday, not even a devil dared to be there.

Our corporations are run by the most honest and highly moral people money can buy. They may be a bit expensive to be bought, but they are definitely honest and would not be affected by the corporate greed and corruption in corporate America and Europe. They earn their millions fairly and squarely, and honestly. They are worth every cent they are being paid.

So why should people be disturbed by the no show for Occupy Raffles Place? This is uniquely Singapore, the only paradise on earth that is not tainted by corporate greed and corruption. The protestors can go and occupy anywhere else, but it will be meaningless to Occupy Raffles Place. It is the only sensible thing to do.


Anonymous said...

What surprise? I will be surprise if there was a show.

Blame the police? How can? They are just doing their job under orders from above, just like sheep dogs bred to control sheep.

Corporate greed and corruption is a problem in Europe and America? All the time I only hear that greed is good.

Yes, where got financial crisis? Short of money just a matter of printing more only! Its just cheap paper and ink!

Anonymous said...

hope you're being satirical.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Nope, I am not being satirical. I am just telling another truth from a different perspective.

The truth today is getting many versions, depending on what lenses one chooses to wear: )

And one can still swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth.