No more space for roads?

When I heard of this news I was kinda, really? We have plentiful of land for housing, in fact we are going to increase the population to another few millions for sure, or our growth will go negative. There are millions waiting to be received by our open arms. Housing is definitely not a problem as we can just build and build, by getting the priorities right, by allotting more land for private properties and bigger profits.

When roads are declared as limited, when car population is limited, when COE prices are going to hit ninth heaven, what are the implications? For those who really need cars out of pure necessities, be it work or physical needs, like the aged, invalids, and the happy broods of children, what’s next? Life is going to be a misery, no joke.

What about the high end new citizens or PRs? They need cars, plenty of cars, as they can afford it, as a hobby. Even the local rich are collecting cars with some having tens or more in their collections.

Car ownership is not just a means of transportation to some. But the crucial purpose of car ownership is transportation. Should there be a rethink and review of car ownership policies in the light of the increasing constraints and high prices?

This is also applicable to ownership of properties. With limitation of land, of course some assholes will say ‘who said so’, land is for the building of homes, a roof over the heads. Land for investment and speculation, is going to drive property prices out of the reach of many. A rethink with respect to land for residential purposes, for the citizens, is urgent. How the govt is going to apportion land for strictly residential purposes or for the speculators to use as chips in their gambling game is tricky, or maybe not, if everything is about getting full value or profits.

Living in paradise is going to be very tough for the aspiring young who wanted a good life, ie good housing and ownership of private transport. It is also going to be a big struggle, and frustrating for the daddies and mummies with 2 or more children, and those with handicapped oldies at home. How are people going to have more babies?

Don’t worry, the marginal people will opt to move out. The very rich who have no problem with money, with $100k COE and multi million dollar shoeboxes will be happily wading to our shores.

The whole social framework and life style will not be the same again.


Anonymous said...

There is no more space for roads, no more larger room for your house, no getting foods deliver to your table at foodcourts, hawker centres and coffeeshops. No more jam free travels in the morning and evening, no chance to have your favourite dishes during lunch break as queue is too long.
No more time to watch tv(too much programmes) or listen to hi-fi.
No time to make baby.


Anonymous said...

No space for cars got space for houses and bigger population.

Anonymous said...

No space for roads? Economics at work here in a capitalist economy - land gets allocated to the highest bidder. COE is not high enough yet while housing developers are still bidding good prices. At the rate we are going, hotels will be rebuilt into condos, reservoirs filled in to create land and carparks converted to coffeeshops and shopping. Old age homes can move to JB and the land freed for hostels housing foreign talents. Can you think of how else to make this nation great?


Anonymous said...

Better digest and read between the lines what you hear from the MIW when they say no more space for roads. It means something is up their sleeves and the only obvious sign is that there will be higher cost for motorist such as comprehensive ERP payments the moment your car leaves the carparks which will also result in more expensive public transport.

How come they take so long to realise that we have limited land space for everything? Do we really need a rear admirer to watch the rear to realise our problem. How sinful!

That higher cost will be the result is the usual response from the MIW whenever something like this comes up. Yeah, creating opportunites for them to make more money from peasants.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Someone must quickly go and tell him everything is fine. Please don't do anything. We are not complaining.

Anonymous said...

Me am sure that in Sin, there is no conscience, contentment and happiness.


agongkia said...

Sorry hor,
I am one who is agreeable to the real admirer.
Luckily not me,for I am one who will allow only bicycles,trishaws,bechaks and motorise bicycles on the road.Roads are meant for taxis,goods carrying vehicles,buses ,police and emergency ambulances and Garmen etc.
Support our public transport.
Help save the green.There are simply too many who buy cars and park at home to howlian.
Scrap all unnecessary cars on the road.Built more houses.

agongkia said...

Sorry ,typo,I mean Rear admirer.

Anonymous said...

Once again the MIWs are blaming us for their FAILED policies. They bring in huge influx of FTs without proper planning to the infrastructure. Now the infrastructure including public transport cannot support the overcrowded island, and what do the MIWs do? They blame us by curbing the COEs so that their elites are the only ones who can own carS and houseS, while the rest of us cannot even afford a car or a small flat since they are increasing the prices to penalize us for their failed policy!

Anonymous said...

I think I heard an old cantonese saying which goes something like this : "cutting the toes to avoid the tappoles in the water"

Wish I could have interprete better.

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