Need to review reservist liabilities

There is a need to review the NS/reservist liabilities of NS men who did not enjoy the same privileges as other NS men or citizens. I am referring to those who are barred from applying for HDB flats for the reasons the HDB chose to bar them, singles, earning too much, above the ceiling imposed by HDB, unable to form a family unit to be eligible.

A roof is the basic necessity for anyone to stay in a place or country. And when owning a roof is so expensive, it is more essential to acquire that roof to live in peace. If the country thinks it can deprive any citizen from the right to own a public flat, should the citizen so deprived be spared the duties of reservist liabilities? After all, he is now a lesser citizen than other citizens. And he has no home to defend, They are homeless in their own country unless they cough out every single cent they have to buy expensive resale flats or private properties.

If the state thinks it is fair to treat its citizen unfairly, and still demands that the citizen be fully liable to defend the state, it will be better for such diminished citizens to pack up and emigrate. There is nothing to cherish and defend for when one is an unwanted child. Worst, when one has no roof over one’s head, and have to defend foreigners and citizens with a roof over their heads.

Why should they stay on, especially those that exceed the income ceiling? These are the young professionals who are highly qualified and would have no problem shifting out, and be wanted by other countries. The very basis of discriminating against such citizens from owning a public flat is simply silly. Just because they are earning more, they must pay more? They might as well move put, and no more reservist liabilities. Can come back as foreign talents some more.

Forcing the highly qualified and highly mobile professionals to think of leaving this country must be a very clever policy. They must really believe that this country is that fantastic that these young people would not risk going away. The truth is that these young people will exactly do what the govt thinks they would not do. But it is ok. They will be replaced by cheaper foreign talents, who will then be allowed to buy cheaper public flats which our own citizens are not allowed in the first place.

I am still unable to fathom the ingenuity of such a policy.


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Anonymous said...

"I am still unable to fathom the ingenuity of such a policy".

When YOU last said that NS is vital, it already showed that You do not quite understand your own leaders running your country.

Anonymous said...

Disagree,we should aim to settle down with a family,
NS incamp trg should be the same to all despite how much u earn,what status u are,when there is a War,u think enemy will let u off when u said u got not marriage & no HDB here? The danger of our society now are these ppl who think NS is not necessary & can just change anyhow... Think about our children,grandchildren who still be here pls...

agongkia said...

Mr Bean.
Look here.I must wake many of you up.The Organisation is still a failure.After 2 years or so of NS training and Army good food,good accommodation ,free haircut and free green underwear etc,many are still not be being able to understand what is NS. and know the importance of Defence.Pathetic.
I am a victim of injustice.Bullied,cornered,discriminated ,threathened..... by the you know who.I am the one who is qualified to say that people like me should be excuse from NS liability.

BUT...I will never say no to NS.Instead,I am looking forward to be call up any moment for NS or reservist training.
Why?This special privilege is given to Singaporean only and not any Tom,Harry or Tony can enjoy.
Those who try to evade NS or try to secure a lesser length of training or easier task for their love one are the loser in the end.

Get the fact right.This is our country.This is our homeland.We should do everything to protect it and nothing to harm it.I am one who feel the need for an efficient military force.Must be something that match the standard of Korea or Taiwan.
We must also have a Division of volunteer personnel looking forward to be the first to be call up in case of emergency and fight against the enemy in case our little red dot is being threatened.I am willing to be one of them if given a chance.
Yes,I will do it ,even if I have to jump up of my grave.

Anonymous said...

some patriotic citizens here supporting the Regime to coerce citizens into doing duty against their free will. Need lesson in Human Rights!
It is actually good to know that there are citizens willing to serve NS. BUT, just remember, not willing to serve compulsory military service DOES NOT mean that the citizen does not love the country nor wishes to protect it and his fellow countrymen.

On the other hand, please stop imagining that You will be trained only to deal with external aggressors. For all You know, You maybe pointing your weapons at your countrymen as ordered should Spring comes to Singapore. Freak weather is as possible as freak election result. Just hope that NS Men are not as blind to their master as trained dogs. That will ruin the State instead of protecting it.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I just put up an article on this. Ask the NS men what are they defending when they don't even have a flat, when they can't even buy a public flat?

And who are they supposed to defend?