Ministerial jobs are too easy

This is the impression I had everytime I see more appointments being loaded onto the ministers. I thought being a minister, running a ministry, on top of all the MP and constituency matters would be enough to bog down a man for all his 24 hours. Apparently this is just a misperception from on ordinary bean. Either the jobs are simply too easy to handle, or the ministers have more than 24 hours a day and the biological constitutions to keep them going.

Chee Hean and Tharman have just been appointed as the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the National Research Foundation(NRF), a high level organisation that gives grants and directions to the R&D in Singapore. These appointments are not for people who simply sign off millions or billions of dollars without thinking. They are serious appointments.

Both Chee Hean and Tharman are deputy Prime Ministers, and Chee Hean is also Coordinating Minister for National Security and Minister for Home Affairs. Tharman is also Minister for Finance and Manpower. I think Tharman is also in GIC or Temasek. Both must have several other very important portfolios to watch over.

They would not have become such supermen if they were just CEOs of some private sector companies. Now their super talents are fully tested, to work super fast, to grasp complicated matters in diverse ministries and issues they have no inkling of what they are before, to work super long hours. Being a minister sure can turn ordinary man into superman.

I have no doubt that a minister’s job is a serious job and a complicated job with huge responsibilities. And equally, all the other appointments they are holding are just as demanding on their intellect and time. Really admirable people, at least for their staminas. Walking from one ministry to the next is already quite energy absorbing. It is simply amazing how they can coop with their jobs and without shortchanging the people in time and details.

Wonder if they still have a life other than official duties, like a little quality time for the family?


Anonymous said...


We have been too simple minded.

Have you heard of AliBaba companies in Malaysia where the companies are owned by the Bumi Malays in name but actually run by the Chinese behind the scene.

Same operation I guess. 2 super Ministers appearing as heads in name but work done by others only to stamp their signatures when required.

There are not too many credible talented and popular MPs left in the PAP goverment.

Anonymous said...

Ministerial jobs are too easy is an understatement. How can it be difficult when there are so many ministers in one office.

For example the PM's office is staffed by PM assisted by 2 DPMs, several ministers without, I still don't know what, and doing I also don't know what. David Marshall do not need so many assistants in those days.

Anonymous said...

Me don't understand the 'big deal',
because me thinks any sane normal person can make statements as good as the Ministers in Sin.
Many made better ones at coffee shops and they are mostly unemployed because 'no PAPER qualification' = no talent.


Anonymous said...

That's the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, from an oldie who agrees with Patriot.

I think some of those lowly educated Ah Peks can understand problems better. Most highly educated ones have heads in paperbags. They understand shit, talk shit and do nothing but shit.

Anonymous said...

The reason for them to hold so many portfolio is to tell us daft Singaporeans that they deserve the salaries and bonuses by the millions. But they do no actually does the job. Is the expensive team backroom staff giving them support. Even those statement in press or speeches are all done ready for them and they are just like parrots reading from the scrape. Don't think they know what they are talking about. Singapore has the most expensive super parrots.