May 6 a good day

According to Boon Wan, May 6 was a good day when good people would be elected to Parliament. I believe all 87 of them who were elected by the people are good people. So Low Thia Khiang and his Gang of 5 must also be good people. And if one is to include Yaw Shin Leong and the 2 NCMP from the Workers Party there were 8. This gets even more interesting, 1 lady and 7 guys, like ‘ba xian guo hai’, or the Eight Immortals crossing the sea.

Sure they will be causing waves when they have to face the Super 7 or the Fantastic 5. Not forgetting Zorro and ESM in Parliament. Comic books can be written based on such titles, like Hongkong and their 4 Heavenly Kings.

Don’t be surprised with such headlines in the MSM, ‘The 8 Immortals cross swords with the Fantastic 5.’


Anonymous said...

You are at least one Singaporean who knows how to appreciate the comedy plays at the parliament house.

Anonymous said...

So not elected means bad people huh?

FL said...

Mr Chua, your article provides a good read and humorous comedy ! Life is too short to be serious all the times. Hope you could provide more such articles, and thank you.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi FL, welcome to the blog.

My articles are posted just to provoke thoughts and agitate the disinterested minds of the people. The citizens must show more concern on what is happening to their country as this is their only country, for good or for bad.

A little distraction is always welcomed, I supposed: )

Anonymous said...


Really funny. Remind me of my boyhood days renting four comic books (those 3 by 5 in type) to read along the road side.

Chinese fairy tales always has stories that end with the good overpowering the evil.

So the eight Immortals from the WP have to do the good deeds of demolishing the evil. They may not succeed in the beginning but they might eventually do it. Perhaps in two GEs time. That why we say that fairy tale sometime happens.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

It is a good omen. 8 immortals crossing the sea will create a lot of storm, but with good triumphing over evil.

Ya, I too squatted many hours along the five foot way.

Anonymous said...

'Fengshui lun liu zuan' meaning the Karmic Cycle goes around, the evil and the good will all have their turns.

Change is not too far away.


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