The killing of a dictator

I have mixed feelings over the killing of Muammar Gaddafi. He is the second Arab dictator to be killed by foreign forces. In the case of Saddam Hussein, it was a false excuse of possession of WMD that George Bush used to kill him. By the way, possession of WMD is not a crime under international law. The US possesses the most WMD. It was the added charge that it threatened the US security. This was the logic the evil Empire used to invade another country. And the world looked on helplessly.

Now Gaddafi is also killed by Nato bombing. And the UN only sanctioned Nato to prevent Gaddafi from using his air force to strike the resistance. The UN never authorize the killing of Gaddafi or for Nato to have a free hand in hitting anything it wants. Yes weakness is sexy and inviting, to be raped and killed.

In the killing of both dictators, are they justified? Should the killers be brought to face war crimes?

There is no doubt that both were cruel dictators that abused their powers and killed many of their own people. No doubt that many of their people hated the two dictators who ruled by the sword. Now they have both met their due justice, lived by the sword, killed by the sword.

The case for invasion of Iraq was totally an American design and if put to trial would have found America guilty in all counts, for invading a faraway country under false excuses and nonsensical reasoning that Iraq is a threat to America. But the evil Empire is calling the shot of the day and can get away with anything.

The killing of Gaddafi is equally unjustified by Nato and indefensible. It is another naked foreign aggression against a weaker country.

On the other hand, without the foreign aggression and intervention, the two dictators would continue to rule and rubbish their own people. The question is whether the Libyans and Iraqis were willing to be ruled by these dictators. Then again, some would and some would not. Who then should decide whether they should rule their own people? Should foreign powers be allowed to unilaterally decide the fate of other nations, to the extent of invasion and killing their unpopular and cruel dictators?

I thought the call should be with the Libyans and the Iraqis. They should decide the fate of their own people and country. But they could not do a thing without foreign assistance. So you have two evil dictators that could not be removed by their own people. And foreign powers decided that they should go in and do the killing.

I have mixed feelings as there are goodness and evil in all the actions and combatants.


Anonymous said...

The Americans have the most and most destructive Weapons of mass destruction. No doubt about it, reason why it goes to every corners of the World to bully.
BUT, it was the infightings in Iraq, Libya, Afganistan, Pakistan and elsewhere that caused the killings of their own people.


Anonymous said...

We can wait and see whether USA can influence the behavior of Myanmar murderous Generals.

The show is now on!

Anonymous said...

The SAD thing to note about the killings of the so-called dictators are the JOY AND CELEBRATION OF THE LOCALS IN THOSE RESPECTIVE COUNTRIES.

It is so so sad that some leaders were/are hated so deeply by their own kinds!


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

What I feel sad about is that the western powers are still able to kick the arabs around, at will.

Anonymous said...

Dogs, whether pitbulls or poodles will follow the master's command. They attack or bite when commanded.

When the USA shout, get Myanmar leaders next, you can be sure the dogs will run wild with glee.

The plot never wavers.

Anonymous said...

What happened in the Arab World can happen to the US. In fact more US Presidents were assassinated than any other country, only difference was that the killers acted individually.

With the looming economic and social situations in the US, there is every likelihood that the Americans will rise against their Regime.


Anonymous said...

It is very obvious that the rise in US is real,being supported by people like Warren Buffett,George Soros,Fed chief,and even President Obama who mainly need their votes to win his election next year!

This round,the extreme right,the republicans,Wall Street financial Chief will lose their pants,Obama has just pushed thro' his financial reform bills,against strong objections from extreme right.

Of course it is great that the support & appreciation of real wealth creator,like late Steve Jobs are there with 63 millions condolences for him in social media.

Anonymous said...

Republicans or Democrats they make no difference. They are from the same mold. They take care of their own cronies behind the people's back.

They even tried to outspend each other, when in power alternately, to tell the American people that they are the ones making the USA great, powerful and No. 1 in everything.

Forget about the debts and financial mess!

Anonymous said...

Republicans & Democrats are both politicians,in that sense they are all the same,in fact they are better in the sense that both can play dirty tricks on each other and that is the only thing I can ask of our ruling party,no more and no less.

But actual policies wise,there are difference,Republicans are extreme right and they serve that sector,that is where they get their votes.

And this round,to be fair,I cannot blame Bill Clinton the president before Republican George Bush who screwed up big time,don't forget that Clinton was running a surplus budget and there was no major conflict.

I think the end result is that Obama will get his second term inspite of a very difficult term with troubles mainly created by Bush.