I will die if I retire

More and more people are claiming that they will die if they retire. Some were very rich and some were very poor. For the very poor, I know they will surely die for many reasons. For the very rich I know they will not die for many reasons.

Sunday is always a good time to talk cock and sing song. I have never been doing this for quite some time. So this morning I shall indulge in some talk cock amusement. As I was saying earlier, the poor losers will surely die if they retire. Many just got not more than $200 in their wallets to last them a week. Many may not have the money to pay for the medical bills. Many will have family commitments, children in school, dependents that need them to foot the bill. If they retire, their dependents will kill them or they will kill themselves out of embarrassment if they cannot fulfil their family responsibilities.

But why should the super rich and very clever people talk about dying if they retire? I am very sure no one has ever died because of retirement. I am also very sure that the academics and medical experts would not have any conclusive proof that people can die because they got retired.

So what’s the beef? My intuition is that they would not die at all. Just go and place a big bet with them, whether it is 1 year, 3 year or 5year after retirement, that they will live on. I think it is more like dying, dying that the million dollar paycheck is gone, dying that all the big titles is gone, dying that the glamour and power and the cronies fawning on them too will be gone. Psychologically these are the more real reasons for people who fear retirement.

The rich and clever people are so rich and so clever that they have so many wonderful ways to amuse themselves if they do get retired or lose their jobs. They could let their imagination runs wild with their talents and money, and have a wild wild time if they so retire. So what I think is another reason for them to say that they will die is that they are born just to work. They have no ability or unable to comprehend that there is a wonderful life waiting for them to indulge in should they retire. It must be a mental block. Surely if you tell them to work without a gaji they will quickly disappear before you could complete your sentence. I have yet to see any of these clever people work for free after retirement. I think they will not accept any appointments as chairman or director, or even the presidency if there is no money to take.

There is plenty of evidence that only the losers will work for free. Many will volunteer their time in social services, helping other losers, and even make great suggestions on how to make this country a better place, for free. The clever ones would ask how much if they have to lift a little finger for anything.

I think I have enough of talking cock for today. If Bill Gates will to say that he can eat and fart at the same time, like it is a damn big deal, many clever people will sure want to make the same claim all because Bill made the claim.


Anonymous said...

It is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Rich or poor they will die one day regardless of retirement or no retirement.

Ask Steve Job.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Steve said, I will die if I do not retire.

Anonymous said...

Don't retire will not die meh?

My uncle retired at 54 and today, at 89, he is still relatively healthy and kicking. I think he is the few wise oldie that really understand the meaning of life and the purpose of living, other than slogging until death to afford a luxurious apartment, big car and a fat ego.

Now, he tells everyone that every year that he lives longer is a bonus, free of millstones round his neck and telling people hard truths about his enlightened thinking.

Bless are those who understand that to have all is to have to lose them all in the end.