The i phenomenon

My generation is not that computer savvy to follow the latest trends in technology. What I discovered is that anything that is worth buying and carrying to show off starts with i. I am getting to be familiar with iphone, ipad, icloud, i computing, but not really know what they can do for me. The latest iphone from Apple has created such a sensation that I was told of overnight queues on the day of its launch.

My 70 plus friend is carrying one and fiddling with it amorously whenever in our presence, in the restaurant or on the bar counter. He has that smug look on his face every time he gives it a tender loving stroke. He proudly proclaimed that we need to keep up with technology and an iphone is a good start. I am still using my black and white Motorola which I don’t remember the name of the model. It still allows me to make a call or do a sms. And that is all I used it for.

The iphone craze is most prevalent in the train. Many are practically glued to the little gitzmos in their hands and making all kinds of funny noises. Sometimes out of curiosity I would steal a side glance to find out what the excitement was. Most often than not they were having funs with little colour orbs flowing and bursting along the way. I thought it was exciting and wanting to get one but only to be put off by the price of it.

I read it in the Sunday Times that the latest accessory to be seen with is iAM. Many celebrities in China, Hongkong and Taiwan are showing off with them. Michele Yeoh has or had one. Teresa Teng too had one and so did Maggie Cheong. Karen Mok, Gigi Leung and Coco Lee did not want to miss out and have recently got their own iAM. This latest contraption to be seen with in the arms of these celebs is actually called iAngmoh. The best and most expensive model is owned by Wendy Deng. And she has rechristianed it to iMurdoch.

Oh, sorry guys, such accessories are only for the ladies. The Singapore equivalent which is gaining in popularity is iDuck an Asean model.


agongkia said...

Till the day when we can have the Ithing that can allow me to see through the wall,nothing can attract me.

agongkia said...

Till the day when we can have the Ithing that can allow me to see through the wall,nothing can attract me.

agongkia said...

Sorry,too excited,pls delete my repeated comment

Anonymous said...

New age humans are waiting to be i-tree and i-stone, they want everything done just by lying stationary where they are. The tree lives without moving, the stone remains fine where it is.

Science and technology are making mankind useless.


Anonymous said...

I don't have any of those. I must be an iCock.


Anonymous said...

I thought I was the only technologically unsavy person left around, but it is comforting that there are so many like me still in existence.

My washing machine mechanic just told me the other day that many of the digital household equipments that we buy today may never last more than three to five years.

He was referring to my analogue washing machine, fridge and aircond bought more than a decade ago, all of which are still working fine. But he assured me that manufacturers of such brands will not be around for long because their products are too lasting.

He has a very valid point and I think is telling the hard truth.

joehancl/PRAY, it works said...

Bhutan, a nation between china and india is a country of happy people. Here all govt policies must go through the Gross National Happiness committee before implementation. Here they do not have "the i phenomenon". Man does not live by bread(material) alone. Indeed the more "bread" you have, does not mean the happier you are.

Anonymous said...

i note that all these things begin with i... so the i generation is slowly taking over society. all these are a bunch of navel gazers.
like this, how to have an
"inclusive" society. tt's not i at all; its "we" and "us". so is the govt out of date with such slogans?

as for the old stuff which still works - and this includes myself at 60 - yeah, i too have been told its gone out of fashion and nothing's gonna last for 2, 3 years, otherwise how to keep pple buying. sad isn't it?

meanwhile, some i-sites are dying. singapore alternative news hasn't been updated since the day before deepavali. TKL's socio-political site is hardly updated. am waiting now for the return of temasek review. mid-nov has been whispered. wonder if the satay club will come back with it.

only one word for all these i-devts: Aiii-yah...

Anonymous said...

Singapore also have the world's most expensive government known as iDiot ! Long live the iDiot !

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Agongkia, the ithink is actually a software that is still not available to Singaporeans. Or Singaporeans were not programmed with the ithink software.

It is not an accessory. Probably a software that is branded as a virus, to be kept out of the system.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Joehancl, every govt defines its own formula for happiness. Bhutan's is based on a different kind of happiness. Our formula for happiness is different from theirs.

We placed materialism, owning many things, working till death, both spouses to work and children left to be looked after by maids, etc as happiness.

It is just different ways of looking at life and living. Both have good and bad. in Bhutan, they don't expect their people to work till they die of old age. And their housing does not need two incomes and 30 years to repay.

WL said...

Hey redbean, remember one of the earlier i-gadget, the iRon? I used to have to use it on my school uniforms, then on my work clothes...sadly, nowadays, its popularity has waned and most people do not have the skill or inclination to use it anymore, usually leaving the application to their maids ;)

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