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The elusive Singaporean Dream

Education is the tool to a better life, a leveller for everyone, regardless of his station in life, to move up the social ladder. It is true. Many from very challenging families have made it to become ministers and millionaires.

But that was history. The students will read in it in their history books of who and who from such a poor family and now so successful. A good education, particularly a university graduate, is like a life made. A graduate is expected to feed a family well, own a decent house, and a decent car. Actually the polytechnic graduates did far better than the university graduates in the industries.

The new story, graduates are driving taxis, graduates cannot find employment, graduates ended up working as temporary employees, or simply jobless graduates. They are also many stories of depressed graduates who are no longer the sought after son or daughter in laws, the prize catch.

A university or polytechnic degree is not the same anymore. Not only that the end result is dissimilar, the cost is also spectacular. To many graduates, or their parents, it is diminishing returns or actually a loss making enterprise. The cost of raising a children and putting him/her through university is so prohibitive and the returns so marginal. Some may question if it is worth the while or is there something wrong with the education formula?

A university or poly graduate is not a passport to a good life, or not guaranteed like in the past. The dream is getting more elusive. So what if you are a graduate? It is not the same anymore. You need to be an exceptional graduate, as 30% of each cohort is now a graduate.


Anonymous said...


Ang Tau's hard truth!

Anonymous said...


Or Tau's from first world to third!

Anonymous said...

You just need to be in the elite good book or born with a silver spoon.if not you're in hard luck whether graduate or not.

Anonymous said...

Those linking education to high office are not enlightened.
Education is for one to be knowledgeable. Of course better, if it leads to high office and wealth.
Betterer if it leads to understanding the meaning and purpose of being.
And bestest if it leads to happiness.


Anonymous said...

Like to add 'if it leads to contentment and' to happiness.