Cheng Bock’s next move

As an experienced fighter in Parliament, and being a veteran in PAP, Cheng Bock knows how the system works, how PAP works. He is the man to watch what is happening in Parliament. He will know what is real and what is unreal, and if there is any wayang, he too will know.

He is now telling the PAP MPs to stand up and speak for what they truly feel and want for the people. But there is a limit to this when the Whip is enforced. So how? Can the MPs go against the Whip?

So very likely the MPs can only speak out violently if the Whip is lifted. And when they do, Cheng Bock will be watching to see who is speaking out of their conscience or just doing it for show.

Then what if Cheng Bock knows the real McCoy versus the MediaCorp variety? Is he going to call them up for a lecture? Or is he going to write them a nasty letter to tell not to bluff? Or is Cheng Bock going to build up a new base for the next GE, hand picking those that he thinks will be of like minds, as an alternative party?

While Cheng Bock is watching, everyone else will also be watching.

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Anonymous said...

"While Cheng Bock is watching, everyone else will also be watching". Just as we have done over the last 46 years or so. Nothing more!

The PAP knows that we know that they know that we are watching. Cheng Bock is just like one of us now, transparent and treated as another ignoramus.