Catching the second wind

The sheer thought of the second wind is invigorating. Singaporeans are so lucky. This is a pleasure that only Singaporeans are blessed with. With life expectancy reaching 80 or 90, life begins again for Singaporeans at 60.

The first thing for those hitting the 6 big zeros, is to think about schooling, just like when they were 6. Go back to school to learn a skill, like the ITE. I am still wondering why old dogs need to learn new tricks. Nevermind, after a year or so, and armed with a new certificate, it is time to write the resume. The thought of going for the first job interview is exciting, adrenalin is gushing through my veins. Must get the white shirt nicely pressed.

In the meantime register to join a gym. Got to get the muscles toned and the skin taut. The face part is not a problem, just go for Botok. The eyes, ok, lasik surgery is so common now. In fact go for the full course, the hair, the denture, the manicure, it is a new life man.

Looking ahead, getting a new girl friend, courtship and perhaps marriage. And there could be little children running around too. And soon got to think of choosing the best primary school again for the little ones. May even have to do some voluntary work for a good primary school. These are the things that make one thinking, and feeling young once more.

With a fresh list of responsibilities and challenges, buying a flat, getting insurance and all those things, and preparing for retirement in another 20 years, things cannot be better. With the experience gained before, the second round can only be better.

I hope Boon Wan would let these first timers get their HDB flats. Yes first time seniors. Only after 60 can one qualify as a first timer once again.
Creak. What’s that noise? Uncle, you can have my seat. No thank you. I am 60 years young.


agongkia said...

Sorry uncle,still on the bed or day dreaming?Time to wake up.
Go for your kopiC siew Tai.

Like your suggestion but hehe..
I have 2 choices only.
If I can start a new life at 60 ,I will go for the job that have the power to say what I want,do what I want ,a sleep also can get pay job.
I will befriend widow of those million dollar man,sacrifice my pure body and dig their money to help the poor .
No time for study like you suggested .

Anonymous said...

'Ci lao huan tong'; ting kuo ma? Meaning when one aged sufficiently, he/she becomes as naive as a child. He/she wants to learn a lot of thing BECAUSE THEY HAVE FORGOTTEN EVERYTHING THEY KNEW AND ANYTHING THEY LEARNT MOMENTS AGO. SENILITY AND DEMENTIA MAKE THEM BEHAVE AS SUCH.

Kids got bluffs because of their innocences. The aged got bluffed because of their ignorances. BUT, those who bluff the kids and elderlies are people with little or no conscience.