The big scheme of things

The happenings in the stock markets around the world are happening because of the big scheme of things. Everyone is thinking damn bloody big, the biggest stock market, the biggest capitalization, the biggest computers, the biggest funds and the biggest war chests to manipulate the markets. No need to bother with slow and troublesome organic growth. Just MA, buy, acquire and expand.

When the heads are swelling so big, they forget the small stuff. There will not be any negativity in being too big too quick, think only the good stuff. The winds do not blow like before. It is like climatic change, big typhoons and big hurricanes. They move in and out, drive stocks up and down, only to clean up everything. Acts of God, no one to be blamed.

The falls in the world stock market are not just due the financial crisis, but aided by the big scheme of things. The big money and big machines were allowed to utilize their full advantage of size and speed. On paper, the machines are there to help generate liquidity, to bring down the cost of trading, for a more efficient system. No flaws. The machines are brought in to do social and charitable services at no cost.

In reality, the liquidity and lower cost of trading are there to facilitate the machines in their mopping up operations, cleaning up the whole market. By the time it hits, it is too late to run. Greed? Yes, with greed, all safeguards were down. And when the Americans are doing it, it must be good, it must be the way to go. It is where all the money of small investors will go.

All the big long term investors, including sovereign funds, must be bleeding profusely in the last few days.

No one wants to know why, or that they have allowed the system to turn into a monster, a Frankenstein, wrecking havoc at will, sanctioned by the authorities. There is nothing illegal, all part and parcel of a big and brilliant system, part of the game, part of the big scheme of things.

Very big, very good.


Anonymous said...

The original concept of the stock exchange is for companies to raise finds to expand business by raising capital through public issues. Howeveer this concept had mutated into gambling dens by western business concerns. Big western financial swindling syndicates were organised. They manipulate and rig shares and irrespective of whether the market is up or down they make away with hundreds of billions of dollars either way because they are in control. The general public by and large are usually taken in for a ride in the share movements and always ended up losing everything.

For some years these big time western rogues and scoundrels have beem getting bolder. They become very innovative in thinking new evil scams in a more thorough scientific way to rob the general unsuspecting public of every dime of their investments.

Who is to regulate and control these crooks and scoundrels? No one, because the authorities seem to turn a blind eye and all stock exchanges run by stock brokers are in cahoot with them. They are part and parcel of the operations. In fact they have now accentuated stock exchanges as gambling dens by turning them into high casinos.

SGX under the new imported western talent has introduced the latest American insidious system of gambling with the so called Dark Pools and quick algorithm trading with high speed computers. Sooner or later the general public will be bogged down with incalculable losses many time worst than Lehman Brothers mini bonds and bank toxic assets. So let the innocent public who dabble in shares be warned of the pits and falls in this new scam of trading by the stock exchange which favours only big time gamblers, the crooks and scoundrels in the faceless international western syndicates. However SGX and the Singapore Monetary Authority who approved this insidious form of trading should hold the ultimate responsibility and compensate accordingly should future claims arise.


Anonymous said...

Investor/gambler play stocks with the eyes open big big, why blame SGX and for the Matter, the political leaders as well? They can approve and legalize many things as they are the authorities. But, for sure, they never forced anybody to invest/gamble.

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Anonymous said...

In Sin, just tell the people caveat emptor and one can sell anything. No crime even if one sells poison. It is buyers beware.