Arab Spring coming

Some were hoping that Arab Spring will come to Asia, especially China. Some hope that it will come to paradise island. Arab Spring is coming and spreading. The first stop is in Greece. Now a bigger one is happening, of all the imaginable places, New York and Boston. Now, where are these two place located on planet earth? The USA of course.

Thousands were marching in New York, to the Stock Exchange and Wall Street. They want to tear down the greedy financial houses like Goldman Sach and the likes. The greedy bankers and their destructive ways are proven as the new cancer of the finance industry and is ruining America and the world. They need to be stopped.

Greed is good to the Wall Street robbers. But Greed is definitely unacceptable to Main Street America, the average Joes are suffering while the robbers in Wall Streets are asking for more and more pay and bonuses. And of course Washington and Congress were the accomplices that are aiding the robbers to continue to loot the average Joes in America.

The Arab Spring is starting in the streets of the USA.


Anonymous said...

Southernglory 1. Why is the West causing the world so much trouble ?
Part 1a : Political and territorial aggression and expansion.
Why is the West headed by the Evil Empire - US causing the world so much trouble both political and economic?

The white Americans and Europeans want to continue to dominate the world and they are madly obssessed with this motive. Savage instinct and aggression is in the blood of white men. This has always result in their never ending thirst for domination and conquest. For the last five hundred years they have already occupied more than seventy per cent of the world's land and control more than eighty per cent of the world's economy.
Their greed and insatiable appetite for more conquest and domination and their disagreement to divide the spoils among themselves equitably resulted in their calamitous strive in which they caused two disastrous and tragical World Wars viz World War 1, 1914 to 1918 and World Ward Two, 1937 to 1945 , which brought great suffering and tragedies every where around the world especially to Asia and to China in particular. After the Second World War they received some set backs with the independence of many of their colonies and with the rising of the eastern phoenix from the fire , the hard won war of liberation of The People's Republic of China.
However, in their traditional evil scheme of things they planned to dominate the new world by proxy. They planted evil seeds of dissension and strive among some Asian countries. Before the British left India it failed to return to China , a huge chunk of territory in South Western China which they illegally and illegitimately took from China in 1913 . Now India assumes the mantle of British imperialism and refuses to discuss with China for the rightful return of this same territory to China. Not only that, it tries to adopt the British imperial trait by having an obsess ambition to acquire Tibet. This is the reason why India connive with US to destabilise Tibet by supporting the demon separatist Dalai Lama and in giving sanctuary to these separatist bandits in India in Damansala.
After the Second World War imperial US occupied the Chinese islands of Diaoyu Toa in East China Sea under the Trusteeship of UN . The islands were supposed to be handed back to China later by the UN. But in 1974 US illegally and arbitrarily handed the island to Japan. You can see the evil hands of the Evil Empire - US- at play. Now the Diaoyu Islands is the bone of contention between China and Japan. If Japan has any sense of fairness and correct historical perspective it should not continue to hold the islands as fait accompli knowing that it is wrong. So this is how US like the British adopt a policy of divide and rule . In fact Japan should also return to China, Liu Chiu Tao archipelago, also in East China Sea ( Which Japan illegally took from China in 1875 and renamed it Okinawa ).
In the early 1950s US interfered in Chinese internal affairs by interfering in the Chinese Civil War . US stationed its Seventh Fleet in the Taiwan Straits to prevent the Chinese Liberation Army from liberating Taiwan and thus prevented the natural consummation of the Chinese Civil War. If the US had not stationed its Seventh Fleet in the Taiwan Straits, the Peoples' Leberation Army would have liberated Taiwan and today there will have no Taiwan problem. The evil empire - US based its logic on interfering in the Chinese Civil War on the false and deceitful premise that they were saving an ally and preserving democracy in the island of Taiwan. However the naked truth is that US is making use of Taiwan as a tool and medium to destabilise and divide China and to serve as part of its sinister plan and design of of world domination.

Anonymous said...

why is the West causing so much trouble?

The islands and islets and the waters in the whole length of the South China Sea were since time immemorial recognised historically as Chinese territories or Chinese domain even by the imperial West. Somehow after the discoveries of possible large deposits of oil and natural gas in the South China Seas in the 1970s the evil hands of the West especially US were seen at play again when it focus its eyes on these resources and encourage minions like Vietnam and the Philippines to lay some of the claims of some of these islands and islets. With the help of these proxy wild illegitimate claims US and the West hope to exploit the oil and gas resources to their advantage and at the great expense of China.
US in creating troubles and wars in East Asia , Central Asia, South China Sea and the Middle East is an epitome of new signs of Western imperialism both political and economic colonialism.
Russia another European imperial power is no less evil than its kindred the West. Russia illegally and illegimately occupied the Chinese provinces of Outer Mongolia and Tannu Tuva in the late 1920s when China was weak. In 1946 Russia illegally annexed Tannu Tuva as Russian territory before granting independence to Outer Mongolia through a Russian control plebiscite. This was all done in the face of strong Chinese objection though unfortunately China was still very weak and disunited at that time. Much earlier in 1860s to1880s Russia had iiegally occupied millions of square kilometres of Chinese lands in the north and north east fronting the sea facing Japan. China had never recognised these illegally Russian occupied Chinese lands as Russian territories. Russia always refuses to discuss the legal and rightful return of these territories to China. One thing is certain no Chinese will ever allow Russia's hold on these territories as fait accompli and somehow they must be settled one of these days in future either by peaceful negotiation or through the natural course of history.

Anonymous said...

Why is the West headed by US causing the world so much trouble ?
Part Two : The West is bringing the world down the abyss of economic and financial destruction as never seen before. If business and the economy in the West continue to be run and control by evil people as in their politics it will create a world wide economic depression many times worst than the Depression of the 1920s.
In the West the business world , the mercantile and financial institutions such as the banks , insurance and stock markets and real estate are being hijacked, controlled and manipulated by super rogues, crooks and scoundrels whose greed and avarice knew no boundes. These crooks and scoundrels are firmly and strongly entrenched in their positions as they are strongly and firmly allied with their counter parts in the government viz the parliaments and in US the Congress and the Senate. They feel no shame in robbing and stealing big from the people and the country and the world. In fact stealing, thieving and robbing is part of their business culture, their way of life to satisfy their craving for wealth legal or illegal.
It is not a co-incident that crooks of a similar insidious nature are found both in the commercial world and in politics in the government. They both give mutual help and support to each other. Their politicians with their innate wild savage aggressive instinct like the hyenas and lions of Africa are always looking for paths of aggression and conquest. Their mercantilist merchants with similar traits of savagery and aggression are always thinking and planning economic aggression and imperialism to exploit other countries for illicit financial gains at others expense. The war mongering politicians will make inroads of political and territorial conquests as seen in the Middle East and South America and create choas and instability in East Asia, South China Sea , in Central Asia and in India and Pakistan so that their merchants of war can make economic gains of huge financial profits in selling military hardwares and weapons to the unsuspecting warring parties.
The directors and CEOs of American public listed companies are real crooks and scoundrels . Their bankers and stock brokers are no different from the buccaneers and pirates of the high seas. Together they form world wide syndicates and with their share analysts and company raters they connive to rig stocks and shares to con and swindle and rip off the public not only in US and Europe but in many other countries with humongous profits by the thousands of billions of dollars. They belong to the sub human species because they lack moral and ethics and have no conscience at all that they are totally insensitive to the suffering they brought to millions of people by their financial fraud and chicanery.


Anonymous said...

PART 3 a The US and European roller coaster ride to economic and financial
During the last few hundred years and in the hay day of their wanton savage imperialism and colonisation the Europeans and their kindreds the white Americans went berserk on a rampage in their grand designs of aggression and conquests. They were able to exploit their colonies and robbed them off freely with impunity all the rich mineral and agricultural resources practically for free and in the course of these evil exploitations they caused great disasters and untold sufferings to the natives of their colonies. With the illegal and illicit wealth and riches that they ripped off from their colonies the Europeans and white Americans were able to flaunt their wealth and lived with with grandeur and splendour. In the 1800s the Europeans carried out many aggressive wars against a weak China and each time when China lost the war they forced China to cede to them huge territories of Chinese land beside having to pay to them humongous indemnities of thousands of millions of dollars in silver that they imposed on China . China was reduced to a semi colonial status when they exercised extra territorial rights over many major Chinese cities and the coastal areas and took control of Chinese customs and finance. Thus the Europeans and white Americans were having a good time living in plenty and wild wasteful splendour, but they forgot that they were all the time living in grandeur on illegal and ill gotten wealth.
The party is soon over when they lost most of their colonies after the Second World War and when China was liberated by Chairman Mao and the Chinese Liberation Army. For decades they continue to live extravagantly as if their fountains of stolen wealth will last forever while in the meantime the depoverised Chinese and other Asians continue to work hard and save whatever they can.
They still have not realised that they have been overspending sinfully in their lifestyle and woefully on wars of aggression and armaments and have been for a long time living on borrowed time and money. Soon their evil ways caught up with them and they are now in the throes of economic and financial abyss and are practically bankrupt. However, they stubbornly continue to assume a false facade of white supremacy and superiority by refusing to take responsibility for their wayward style of living but insist on blaming others for their economic and financial woes. They wrongly blame the Chinese and other Asians for saving too much and other silly logic that the Chinese manipulate the Chinese Yuan or Renminpi as a factor for their problems.

( to be continued )

Anonymous said...


( Continue from 3a )
( 3 b )
Why is the West causing so much trouble?

But the world must be quite perplexed and confounded that though the Europeans and the white Americans are practically bankrupt they still have the means to display their usual evil trait of warmongering and aggression . Why did they attack and declare war on Iraq and Afghanistan and now on Libya under the pretext of liberating these countries from tyrannies and terrorists though European and American terrorism has no equal in this world. Why are they causing so much trouble in East Asia, Central Asia, South China Sea and the Middle East.
If only they can stop their warmongering and aggression and stop spending thousands of billions of dollars annually on weapons and military hard ware they could have averted their economic collapse and financial debacle. They are now queuing to beg China and the BRIC countries ( Brazil, Russia, India and China ) for financial help. On the contrary many of their politicians and military personnels are still adopting an ureasonable and aggressive confrontational attitude against China. Many of their economists and journalists have nothing good to say about China but often spout lies , half truths and wrote slanted vicious reports to denigrate China . For the last few decades they have been wishing doomsday for China and have been seeing China through their slanted narrow eye lens and always predict the coming of Chinese economic collapse though they were too blind to see that the world's greatest economic and financial collapse have already happened and unfolded right before their eyes in US and Europe now. What a great contradiction indeed? On the one hand asking China for help and on the other wishing China to collapse.


Anonymous said...

With free and liberal democracy,how USA works itself out of their Arab Spring is rather interesting to watch!

Free and liberal democracy not for Singapore!It is the dead end!

Anonymous said...

Sin will be dead not because of freedom and liberty.


Anonymous said...

Yes indeed greed ,a main by product of USA political system of free and liberal democracy,without free and liberal democracy,greed has produce the exact opposit results,of USA with a rich government and GLCs,as against a poor USA government and huge corporate USA profits.

Can the world find a new way out?

Anonymous said...

Sorry losers. As long as I got several hundred millions in my savings, who cares?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous (October 04, 2011 11:52 AM) said...
Sorry losers. As long as I got several hundred millions in my savings, who cares?

Yes, just like Marcos, why should he care?

But Singapore is only just entering Autumn, there is still Winter (by then maybe they will have squirrelled another several hundred billions) before the Spring rains can wash away the accumulated filth masquerading as the A Team?


Anonymous said...

although by definition,I am a loser.
But I am doubtful that Arab spring will realy come to Singapore,in fact,it has already passed.

Anonymous said...

Arab Spring passed? Must ask the Arabs in Arab Street how come they let Arab Spring passed us by.

Anonymous said...

USA is a super power of 20th-21st century.
The strength of USA:
(1)Only major power facing both pacific and altantic oceans-trade and military advantages.
(2)Creative & destructive capitalism-very good in destruction as compare to Europe.
(3)Managing and integration migration-major advantage to attract talents.
(4)Strongest in military scientific knowledge conversion into viable commercial activities,for example,space solar energy development.
(5)Strong entrepeurship culture

Not too sure if it can maintain sole super power status.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

There is not the slightest doubt that the US is the biggest superpower now and for many years to come. How it will maintain its superiority depends not on anyone else but the Americans themselves.

If America is to fall flat on its face, it will be its own doing. Starting from Wall Street that is gobbling up all the capital there is, and the gigantic military machine that needs to feed to uphold American pride and military power, both will eat up a very big chunk of American capital and leaving not much for the rest.

It is Americans that will bring the downfall of America.

Anonymous said...

Home / Opinion / Chen Weihua US media blackout of protest is shameful
Updated: 2011-09-30 08:17By Chen Weihua (China Daily)

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One of the best-kept secrets in the United States over the past two weeks seems to be the protest on and near Wall Street in New York.

More than 1,000 people protested on the first day, September 17, marching and chanting slogans. Yet the demonstration, known as Occupy Wall Street, did not appear on the major networks' evening news or in major newspapers the next day.

The protest, now in its 14th day, only got limited coverage last Saturday when heavy-handed police arrested close to 100 people and pepper-sprayed several female demonstrators. But most coverage that day was not in-depth.

While there are many videos of harsh police action on the Internet, I have witnessed how the formerly helpful police patrolling the streets have suddenly resorted to force in Zuccotti Park, also known as Liberty Plaza, in Lower Manhattan.

In one scene, several policemen jumped on one skinny man who was not acting violently. They pushed him down and handcuffed him. Just five minutes later, a policeman waved his fist at a man. That day, seven people were arrested, with one suffering a serious leg injury.

Again, none of these incidents made the major networks' evening news or the major newspapers.

As a journalist, I have wondered why the so-called mainstream US media, which is either headquartered in New York or maintains a strong presence in the city, has chosen to ignore the prolonged demonstration since it started. Why have those journalists, who made their names covering various protests around the world, suddenly become silent in reporting the mass rally? That clearly does not match their enthusiasm to cover demonstrations in recent months in places such as North Africa and the Middle East.

The people who come from many parts of the US and the dozens of people who have spent rainy nights in the outdoor plaza would, no doubt, have countless stories to tell. But few journalists from the mainstream media seem interested in listening this time.

To some protesters I have talked to, the answer is simple: It is natural that corporate-controlled media outlets are not going to cover a protest that is fighting excessive corporate influence in society.

One US journalist said it was because these people are too left-leaning and do not seem to have a clear goal for their rally. I am not sure if they are all left-leaning, but a schedule I saw did include sessions on the Communist Manifesto and Spanish Revolution.

Still, that does not justify a blackout imposed by the major news media outlets on such a prolonged protest.

In fact, the message from the protesters is quite clear. They are against corporate greed and influence in American politics, economy and life. These protesters, who call themselves "The 99 Percent", are angry about the huge amount of wealth collected by the top 1 percent of the population.

Vanity Fair has reported that the top 1 percent of the nation controlled 12 percent of US wealth only 25 years ago, while today it controls close to 25 percent.

Isn't that a serious concern for journalists, whose primary responsibility is to speak for the voiceless in their society?

It is a shame that most so-called mainstream media outlets have miserably failed to inform the public over the past two weeks.

The author, based in New York, is deputy editor of China Daily USA. E-mail: chenweihua@chinadaily.com.cn

(China Daily 09/30/2011 page8)


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

It is spreading. from LA to Chicago, to New York and gaining momentum. The fight against corporate greed is on. Occupy Wall Street!