‘Yao yao ling xian’ Tan Jee Say in the lead

After two and a half days of poll and 207 votes, Tan Jee Say is way ahead of all the other candidates with 74% of the votes. Tan Cheng Bock is maintaining his second position with 15% and Tan Kin Lian taking third place with 5%. Tony Tan is coming from behind at 4%.

I know that this poll is not a true representative of the whole population and would not ensure a Tan Jee Say win. What is pertinent is that among the anti PAP voters, the majority is throwing their votes to Tan Jee Say.

If that be the case, if my earlier estimate holds, that is a split of 50:50 between pro govt and against govt votes, Tan Jee Say is going to garner at 74% of the 50% or 37% of popular vote. This will definitely put tremendous pressure on Tony Tan. If he is going to split 30:20 with Tan Cheng Bock, then Tan Jee Say is in.


Anonymous said...

yao yao ling xian

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thank you. Amended.

Anonymous said...

Best case scenario is:

White as Government.

Blue as opposition.

Red as EP.

Make it happen!

Anonymous said...

For the good of all Singaporeans, there must be real separation of power.

The ugly banning of MP Chen is something that must not happen again. Only more separation of power can make our society a more equitable and fairer one.

Anonymous said...

Singapore society will never be equitable and fair if the rulers say one thing and do the exact opposite.

PM is calling for Singaporeans to work together, but why is Chen, being an MP given such treatment. I can quote many more examples.

Stop the hypocrisy. Not all Singaporeans follow only the MSM and swallow the PAP propaganda wholesale.

agongkia said...

I receive one SMS and would like to share here.
"Make sure you vote for the Right Tan.
If not,you may end up with a Pern Tan, or worse, a Huai Tan,who will Tao Tan and Spore will Wan Tan.

Anonymous said...

More realistic maths:
74% of 40(last GE) + 10% of 60=35.6% TJS
60% of 60% (last GE)= 36% TT
30% of 60% +10% of 40%= 22% TCB
16% of 40%= 6.4% TKL

So very close between TT & TJS.
To prevent PAP divide and conquer strategy.
More fence sitters must be convinced to switch from TCB or TKL to TJS.
Lend the legs Say to kick the Toad.

Anonymous said...

Pern Tan, Huai Tan or Tao Tan, people in this blog don't really give a hoot. They have not much else to lose anyway, they will not hesitate to pull everybody down the drains.

Anonymous said...

The pern tan in Libya became tao tan to get rid of the huai tan. And they succeeded, another dictator kissed the ground. All dictators will face the same fate. It is only a matter of time.

'Shi jian wei tao'. The time is not ripe.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

hi anon 10:17, not a bad analysis. It is going to be close. The key factor is the votes for Cheng Bock and Kin Lian. Anyone able to win these votes will win the Presidency.

Voters are still thinking of voting just for the candidate they like which will dilute the votes from everyone. If the thinking is changed, leave the sentiments behind, just vote for the candidate that has the better chance. Then the picture will change.

Anonymous said...

Just do not entertain any 'hun tan'(rascal), 'huai tan'(rotten)
and 'cho tan'(smelly) and one will not be a 'pern tan'(fool).