Who will be the next President


I have set up a poll on the right to get an indication of who you people would like to see as the next President. Let's see if what we think is a reflection of what the people think on 27 Aug.



Anonymous said...

Your blog attracts TJS supporters.

agongkia said...

I only prefer female President.None wear skirt.How to vote?

Anonymous said...

Is like asking to vote on TRE. Guess who's going to win? Don't waste time doing redundant exercise

Anonymous said...

TT confirm win lah. But nor by a lot.

Anonymous said...

If TT confirm win, Singaporeans confirm daft lah!

Anonymous said...

Your Article - Who you people would like to see as the next President.
Poll - Who will be the President?

- - -
Quite Different.

Anonymous said...

If your poll appears in MSM, the highest score will be TT for sure. If it is in blog like yours, it will be TJS for sure. If it is in TKL's blog, it will be TKL for certain. Do you think there is any meaning of such poll?

Anonymous said...


Florists claim their flowers are the most fragrant.

Fruiterers claim their oranges are the sweetest.

Singapore's MSM claim that TT will make the best President.

Obama claims that the US economic recovery is still on track.

Best to make your own judgement.

Anonymous said...

Do vote the straight talking man of conscience Tan Jee Say.
Obviously voters have to avoid picking a wily, foxy knave.
there is absolutely no need to add
any ex or past PAP Member into the PAP Cabinet.

Anonymous said...

Who can be expected to ask the important questions, without fear, obligations and political bagggage tied to the ruling party, gets my vote.