What a mischievious post!

The Online Citizen, 25 Aug 2011
There are rumours circulating online that Presidential candidate Tan Jee Say gatecrashed Singapore People’s Party’s (SPP) National Day dinner last Saturday (see HERE).
A Workers’ Party member Melvin Tan who contested in the 2006 General Election, writing a note on his Facebook said that he has chosen to vote for Dr Tan Cheng Bock over Mr Tan Jee Say because Mr Tan Jee Say seem to have “an air of superiority” around him, and also because he did not like how Mr Tan “heckled Tony Tan” in TOC’s ‘Face to Face 2′ Presidential Forum.
That Facebook note is now being circulated widely online.
In the same note Mr Melvin Tan said:
“The last straw was the SPP National Day Dinner on 20 Aug ’11, where I bought tickets to attend to support Chiam See Tong for all he has done for Singapore. TJS (Tan Jee Say) turned up and in my view gate-crashed the event and stole the limelight. From very reliable sources, that wasn’t pleasant for the Chiams or SPP.”

TOC tried to clarify this with SPP and spoke to Dr David Tan, Central Executive Committee member of SPP.
Dr Tan in speaking to TOC said, “It’s untrue! I invited Tan Jee Say in my personal capacity to the dinner. Mr Tan initially declined because of his prior commitments. But later, because of my insistence, he agreed to drop-by to say hello to the Chiams and myself.”
Dr David Tan was Mr Tan Jee Say’s teacher when Mr Tan was a student in Raffles Institution.
When informed that Mr Tan Jee Say would like to drop-by the party to greet the Chiams, Mr and Mrs Chiam welcomed him, clarified Dr David Tan.

Why would this Melvin Tan come out with such a statement that unwary readers would form a bad impression on Tan Jee Say at a critical moment like this? Why, why. why?

Let me think. A lot of conspiracy theories appeared in my mind. For someone who wanted to be an MP, it can be expected that he would make such statements only if the facts were correct. Why would he make such a statement only to be proven wrong immediately by the organisers?

Fishy eh?


Anonymous said...

Tan Jee Say should haul Melvin Tan before the court to find out who is behind the conspiracy. Since Mr David Tan the Chairman of SPP and Mr. and Mrs Chiam See Tong made it very clear that Mr. Tan Jee Say was a welcome honoured guest then it goes to show that there is a conspiracy and Melvin Tan was being made used of as a running dog in this shameful despicable conspiracy. Must some one stoop so low as to carry out this unwarranted Character assasination of Mr. Tan Jee Say. As Melvin Tan is presumed to be a Workers Party member it is very likely some low class swines try to create feelings of suspicion and dissension and hatred among the opposition parties, especially between the SPP and WP. It is imperative and of paramount importance that Melvin Tan should be hauled up before the Central Committees of SPP and WP to answer questions so as to go deep into the roots of the insidious conspiracy and to expose the heinous conspirators. We the people of Singpore have full trust and confidence in WP and SPP and especially in their leadership. In the meantime we wish Mr Tan Jee Say well and hope he will be elected as President of Singpore to safeguard the interest of Singaporeans and thus put paid to the lies and sinister motive of Melvin Tan and his evil conspirators.


Anonymous said...


Trying to create mischief and gets a big dick in his mouth almost immediately.

Frankly I am also quite puzzled by TKL's strange comments against TJS and his boast of wanting to give oldies above 75 a pension of %500 to $700 (a month?) if he is elected, seems a tad like trying to buy votes PAP style. TKL knows his chances of getting elected has practically evaporated, so he is using his platform to help his ex-PAP buddies. Never trust the outwardly shadow boxing of the three ex-PAP contenders.

My reading is that TKL is helping TT/TCB at the expense of TJS by trying to lure voters away from TJS with the pension talk, thus favouring TT/TCB. These three ex-PAP guys are playing a sinister game behind the scene.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Singaporeans of all shades and colours, of all political parties, must go to vote for themselves and no one else.

Voting for themselves means voting for what is good for the country and the people. Forget about politics and political parties and political affiliation.

Think of yourself and your children and grandchildren when you vote.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The last shots by the candidates were all very personal and will cost them votes.

Anonymous said...

Me thinks the sideshow will not distract the voters.
There shall be good in the early hours of 28 August 2011.


Anonymous said...

Melvin Tan, you've got to be prepared to back up your claims!!!!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Let's see what Low Thia Khiang has to say about this episode.

Anonymous said...

If its untrue, Melvin Tan is going to get the boot. Such nonsense is going to reflect badly on the WP. Low is a no nonsense guy and less tolerant than Chiam for sure.

Anonymous said...

No signs of party cleansing yet. It is a rude reminder to the party to check their stocks.

Anonymous said...

It's been more 2 years since the last post and we know the kind of person TJS is by now. The opportunist who will not hesitate to make a name for himself at the Hougang and Punggol East by-elections. Created a rift between Chiam gang and Ben Pwee gang, then now gets chummy with the Chiams but didn't join DPP. Even Nicole Seah regrets being "arm-twisted". And who is David Tan? The former SDP treasurer who publicly quit on Chiam in 1986 giving SDP bad publicly, then 2011 suddenly become Chiam supporter, joined SPP then joined Ben Pwee in quitting SPP again but didn't join DPP. He can be trusted meh?