What is the presidential election about?

Some wanted to vote for a dignified face to show the world. Some wanted a wise looking one. Some wanted one that can carry himself well when in the company of foreign dignitaries. Some wanted a president that they can shake his hand and take photograph with. Some wanted a nice guy. Some wanted a moderate and reasonable guy.

What is the most important issue of this presidential election? Checks and balance. We have a strong govt, in fact a very strong govt. Like in all strong and powerful regimes, sometimes thing may go wrong. And when things go wrong, we want someone to stand up and say ‘Stop.’ We want someone to be there, constantly watching and checking, not someone going around to be a nice guy, a popular guy, shaking hands with everyone, or trying to cosy up to the Prime Minister, to be in his good book, so that he will be more disposed and amiable to suggestions and views.

The check on a rogue govt is not what a nice guy can do. If we are serious, we need to find the right guy with the right temperament and intent, to do the job. The people must not be distracted by all the wishy washy nice to have or nice to be presidential pursuits. Only one thing counts. For the rest, a good looking nice guy president, you only need a ceremonial one. And there is no need to go for an election.

The act of electing a president is to give him the moral and legal rights to stand up to a rogue govt. He is there, elected by the people, with the people behind him, to speak and protect the interest of the country, and the reserves. The people must think very carefully who they think can do this job.

Who can provide the checks and balance in the most objective and impartial way, without fear or favour? With proper decorum of course.


Anonymous said...

Rightly said from an objective point of view.

Unfortunately more often than not, emotions and beliefs get thrown into the picture.

Hopefully the daft can think objectively this time round. You need to get this message out.


Pity the daft and dumb Singaporean.

Anonymous said...

Didn't OTC come across as emotional " too as painted by PAP at that time , when he had tried to get more information/access to the reserve list? I would be worried if the PResident is an emotion-less person. While proper decorum is required, I'm sure all the 4 candidates are able to conduct themselves where the situation called for. However, when the situation is uncalled for (say by unreasonable blockages to frustrate or impede the President to carry out his job, then I truly want someone who is unafraid to speak out as I've given him my vote. Not just kept silent and go along with the flow in order to achieve"harmony" for the "harmony" sake and end up not being effectual at all. 12 yrs of Silence and Cooperation of Mr Nathan has yielded us no new insights into his achievements and role. I have no interest to waste another 6-12 years. Besides, with a majority of PAP in the house as govt now, there's absolutely nothing wrong with having a candidate that has the least affiliation/attachment to the Govt is more key than ever. I intend to use my vote for a real 2nd key, not the same key to the one person who now sits on GIC as well as Govt table.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous Aug 23, 12:11PM

It is not pity to the daft and dumb Singaporeans. On the contrary, it is a pity to those who are NOT daft or dumb cos we're they one's being pulled back from any progress by them.

Anonymous said...

Just vote for one who will not behave like eunuch in the Ancient Chinese Imperial System.
worse, one that behave like dog wagging its' tail even when mistreated by the master.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The people must vote for the future and for their own good and must not be misled by duplicity and self serving logic.

If checks and balance is what they want, vote for the one who can do it. Don't waste the vote for flimsy reasons. It is irresponsible.

Anonymous said...

"What is the Presidential Election about.

It is about forcing a whimsical farce down the people's throat to elect a eunuch to overlook and protect the skeletons in the cupboard of little Napoleon.

Granting whatever ideals and glorious out rantings of the candidates projections of wanting to serve the people and the country,the people are not too daft to think that the main objective and the focus is on the obsession to grab the magical 4.3 + + million dollars annually and for five or ten years. Only two candidates of humble birth sincerely believe that the figure is insanely and unrealistically high and ethically and morally cannot be condoned as it is tantamount to day light or legalise robbery. One is prepared to donate half of it to charity and the other of even more humble birth has mooted that Five Hundred Thousand Dollars is very good enough for a ceremonial or puppet president. Eh! the other two core PAP stalwarts, one though of humble birth and the other a high brow owly like patrician elitist are holding tight to their chest the damn whole some without conceding even a single cent as if they are really worth that much. At the end of the day they are wasting and squandering away the people's money. Why should Singaporeans serve and feed the sham presidents, ministers and MPs for life . Singaporeans should demand that Pension be abolished for politicians just as they had abolished pensions for the rank and file civil servants. Hope Singaporeans will be the wiser and be daft no more. So vote wisely . Vote for Tan Jee Say.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

At this point in time, all 4 candidates are men of integrity, good conduct and reputation. And all have the qualities and capabilities to sit in the Istana.

Until proven otherwise, any of the 4 will do. What is important to me is to see that power is not concentrated in a ruling party, whichever party. Absolute power is simply too dangerous.

Voting for absolute power is simply daft.

I will vote for Jee Say just to see more separation of power. I like Kn Lian and Cheng Bock as well. For tactical reasons, it is better to throw all the votes to one candidate.

Anonymous said...

Anyone asking the people to vote for absolute power is irresponsible and dishonest.