What is happening in the stock market?

Hundreds of millions have been lost in the stock market by small investors since programme trading, algo and high computers were attached to the system of the stock market. This development means that the big funds are able to take full advantage of technology by plugging their computers into a system that they were once forbidden to do so, and trade against small investors, and cleaning them up.

Nobody is crying foul, or nobody dares to, or nobody wants to. So everyone pretends like there is nothing wrong, just like the toxic notes and Lehman bond crisis. The money lost in the stock market is many multiples of the previous scam and the number of victims were much more numerous.

One day it is going to explode and as usual, everyone will pretend to be ignorant of it. Everyone will say I dunno. Is there anything wrong with the stock market trading system? Is there a level playing field? Are there any violations to the rules and regulations of stock trading?

I swear to god that there is nothing wrong. I think the system is perfect, and volume is increasing and the stock exchange is making a lot more money than before. Those losers just got to blame themselves. I am sure the SGX and MAS know exactly what they are doing and everything is just fine. We can trust the super talents to do their homework as they are paid very well to do their jobs.

Some people have been complaining to me that something is really foul with the system. I disagree completely. But if they do feel strongly that something is wrong they need to prove it. Or they may want to take advantage of the presidential election and bring their grouses to the presidential hopefuls. These are honourable men who have pledged to safeguard the nation’s reserves with integrity. And if the small investors think that are caught in a scam, and brought to their attention, they will definitely take up their case to protect the small investors. They are men of honour and their positions with regards to the banning of MP Chen Show Mao in Aljunied are testimonies to their principles for fair play and justice.

Bring the problems to them and let them raise the issues with the proper authority. For me, I don’t see anything wrong so I would not know what to say. The SRS, SIAS, the broking houses, too are interested parties and they too did not see anything wrong and are not complaining.

Those people who complain about unfair practices, uneven playing field, unfair advantages, may not have a case, I think. If they think they cannot beat the system, don’t get it. It is caveat emptor.


Anonymous said...

The stock market worldwide is shit, all shit and nothing but shit.

I sometimes cannot understand how come stock markets behave like a terminal ill cancer patient, good one day and suddenly bad the next. And just because someone prominent comes out to fart, the whole market moves erratically up or down. It is as if the US and European economies can be bad today and suddenly will be good tomorrow.

The whole economy of the US and EU will take years to turn around, or even decades, as in Japan. It is not a simple matter of days or months or even one or two years.

And do not believe reading about the big US banks and mortgage houses repaying the US Government debts. Those are money are from the QEs dished out by Helicopter Ben that mostly went to all his crony banks and business connections. They used those money to repay their debts so that they can restart new scams once again without restrictions. It is all a mirage.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The problem with stock markets is that the big funds are allowed to use their highly powered and high speed machines to trade against the small investors. This is criminal!

And to make matter worst, they have the analysts/rating agencies to write up or down a stock or country and slam it with their machines. That is why the ups and downs are so erratic and so exaggerated, and so fast.

Anonymous said...

There are so many International Regulatory Bodies such as UN, IMF, World Tribunal etc and they are not alarmed in the slightest by whatever is happening. Everything must be okay lah.

We, the people, must take it easy man, flee if there is danger and die if there is no escape. Do no sin for those wanting to go heaven. For the righteous, use the arms, mouths and whatever, at least play a little part which of course is unlikely to be consequential.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The sin of today is when people who are supposed to prevent the sin are party to the sin, or by turning a blind eye to the sin.