The warnings of the higher self

The GE saw Hsien Loong humbling himself with a public apology for the failed policies and bad decisions of his govt. His apology was heard and he was saved from an embarrassing thrashing in the election. His personal votes went up. This could easily rub the mortals, even higher mortals, the wrong way. In order to register a point that the apology must not be forgotten, a GRC must go and some hot shots would have to be sacrificial lambs in the process. We know what happened.

Subsequently, a few ministers were pruned from the cabinet to atone the mistakes of past years. These were all good and welcomed. The expectation by the people of a govt serving the interests of the people cannot be taken lightly. There were hopes bt the people of a better time.

Then came the Presidential Election. The tail of the fox reappeared and things were looking to take a step back. The first lesson was too easily forgotten and a harsher lesson needed to be handed down.

Tony Tan, the hot favourite of the elite of the elites, was rolled out to ensure a good win. The higher self was not pleased and Tony could only manage to win by a whisker. He could have lost easily if that was intended. The higher self did not want to make it too hard. Imagine if Tony Tan was defeated with only 30% of the votes! It must be the trumping of the year and the biggest defeat of the party.

The higher self was kind and wanted to give the party another chance to redeem itself. The 35% win and a margin of 7,269 votes were too close for comfort. It was a rude reminder that must be taken heed. There will not be another chance if the rulers insist on being rulers and not servants of the people. Five years were all there is to serve and work for the betterment of the people than for self interests and self gratification. The conditions for redemption are demanding. Would anyone still think that the higher self can be trifled with and ignored?

By the next election, PAP could be history, or be given a new lease of life. It all depends on whether the lessons of the last two elections were taken seriously and with all sincerity to be of service to the people and not self.

The graciousness and compassion of the higher self have its limits. Don’t push the luck too far. This is the message of the Presidential Election. Some are still trying to brush everything aside and still deceiving themselves that it was a big victory, and they can go on rubbishing and threatening the people. Fear not, for I know you by your name….

PS. The above was told to me by a ‘tang kee’. I take it as fiction or just a fairy tale. For those who believe that their future is in their own hands and do not believe in any higher self, they may disregard the ‘tang kee’ for his story.


Krishnasamy Koh said...

The ruling party does not have a leader who can relook the fundamentals and give it new shape and substance for the sake of the nation. Kuan Yew has too some extent contributed to the present state of affairs by surrounding himself with technocrats and an elite who will promote his version of Spore.

Anonymous said...

Higher self? After all the years of unanswered victory at the polls the PAP has already elevated itself to a 'higher self'.

They even have a grandmaster that is looked up to by them as a God, and some Singaporeans call him the 'God of No Mercy'. Among the party members themselves, some have grown so arrogant that they have resorted to branding normal Singaporeans as 'lesser mortals'. Lately, they even started despising them, calling them daft and noisy nuisance.

Now, which lesser mortal can touch them with all that Godly power, coupled with all the perfectly laid plans for eternal rule, mapped out by no less than the PAP God himself.

Lesser mortals have been trying to scale the wall of the kingdom of the 'God of No Mercy' for the last four decades and some have to run away without their pants, or risk ending up as a modern day Robinson Crusoe.

It was all an iron clad plan, with all the mechanisms at the party's disposal to ensure no opposition can arise to challenge them.

Will this be the only dynasty that cannot fall? With all the Chinese Dynasties all consigned to history, and the Autocratic Dynasties of Africa and the Middle East starting to follow the same path everywhere, what is the fate of the kingdom of the God of No Mercy?

Anonymous said...

What does anyone expect when the team are a group of YES men and think-a-likes? Anyone who dares to go against their group-think or question them like Ong Teng Cheong (OTC) will just have to see how they treated OTC. This further breads fear and the good old "don't rock the boat" thinking within the group.

So NOTHING is gonna change and all feedback from the ground are just gonna be ignored completely as long as the elites can get away with their millions and comfortable life. Why and what would even motivate them to even think of the people on the ground living hand to mouth when they're so far away from the great ivory towel?

This is the reality and sad state here but unfortunately the 60% still enjoys this kind of life. So what can I say?

Anonymous said...

"yet again, the bulk of netizens have demonstrated how new and social media are completely detached from reality,and completely irrelevant in local elections. ...".
Political scientist Derek da cunha

Quite insulted by such a scientist who make such uncalled for comments which missed the wood for the trees..

Come 2016' vote for change !

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Krishnasamy Koh, Welcome to the blog.

As for the comments of Derek da Cunha, he should visit our blog to raise his level of intelligence. I think everyone here is as good or even betterer than him in the interpretation of the opinions from the internet.

We had a poll showing Jee Say leading by 69% but everyone here is sensible to know that it only represented a segment of the people and no one was screaming that Jee Say would win. We read it as a close fight as the views here wAs not representative of the whole population.

Now which idiot claimed that the views of the internet was the view of all Singaporeans? If one cannot even see this big difference, then one should not go around claiming to be an intellectual.

The views of social medium are real, but from a cynical and thinking group but may be different from the unthinking masses.

Anonymous said...

Those who like to hear only the good stuff would feel that Derek is speaking their language and music to their ears. Or, he is fooling them into a false sense of security.

Before GE2016, I also heard PAP MPs deriding the crowds at WP rallies as concert goers there to enjoy the show and the crowds would not translate into votes. Let them keep on believing.

One day they will wake up like Rip Van Winkle, winking their eyes and asking, what happened hah?

For the opposition parties this is perhaps the best time to make their presence felt more strongly on the internet, building on the subtle gains in GE2011 and PE2011, because that is where the battle will be fought in GE2016.

Anonymous said...

Oops sorry, second paragraph should be: "Before GE2011....."

Really eagerly looking forward to 2016, hence the mix-up.