The unusual silence

When Tony first announced his candidacy, there was an immediate barrage of support and endorsements from his PAP colleagues. A few including Chok Tong came out to say Tony is a good man. Some praised him for his dignified look, every inch and corner like a President. The public media did the necessary with coverage on his every move, invitations and speeches.

Over the last few days the surprising development was the attack on Tony’s son, Patrick and his NS deferment. The attack was furious and vicious and quite damaging to Tony’s shining image. Mindef came out with some statements to deflect some of the bad barbs. Otherwise it was left to Tony and son to fend for themselves.

Could someone of higher standing say something or do something to moderate the blows? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe Tony should be able to fight his own battle, being a heavy weight himself. At the moment it is Tony and son versus the anonymous masses in cyberspace. How would this develop or would it have a chance to develop further in the main media?

The stand of the main media at the moment is reticence. When an issue that is so hot is cyberspace is played down in the main media, it starts to prob on people’s mind as to what the hell is happening in our great media and their stable of great reporters and journalists. No one feel the itch or need to want to contribute to the debate with their sophisticated skills and resources? I feel quite sad that great reporters were deprived the avenue to write their show piece and display their brilliance in investigative journalism.

Even if they take a diametrical opposed view from cyberspace, it will be refreshing to see how and what they will put across. Or are they waiting for the debate to blossom when the EP campaign is official? They may not even have the chance if there is no contest. This must be one of the hottest topic waiting to see the light in the main media. The integrity of the hottest presidential hopeful is being questioned and a proper closure is demanded.

Where are all the eminent colleagues of Tony and are they going to stand up to defend him?


Anonymous said...

If there is a slant they can make in TT's favour, they would have fcuking done it. I suspect they have investigated, they know the truth and the best way to hide it is to remain quiet.

Anonymous said...

The Presidential Election

Does Singapore really need a president? The president cannot talk about politics. He is supposed to protect the hundreds of billions of dollars of Singapore's reserves. On the contrary he is not allowed to know exactly how much is the reserves and the whereabout of the reserves being kept. So is the presidential seat a sinecure created for some one close to the innermost core of power. Therefore the reason for putting in place a very stringent criteria to exclude outsiders .

So the presidential post is a sham. Singapore does not need a sham president. Just in case the others are disqualified and only Tony Tan is left as the only candidate, in which case there will be great and serious ramifications. No candidate should be allowed to sail into the presidency just because there is no contest. The sole candidate should be subjected to a national referendum for approval. If more than fifty per cent of the votes cast are against him, therefore he is being rejected and so he should not be allowed to assume the presidency. In future General Elections Singaporeans must not allow any walk overs. All future walk overs must still be subjected to a national referendum for approval. Walk overs must not be allowed to get away as fait accompli.

Singaporeans are tired of hearing remarks like, " the president is the friend of the people", "the president has the heart of the people", "the president has the common interest of the people" , "the president is a very humble person." All these bullshits must stop. As friend of the people and having the heart of the people , we would like to know how much money has President Nathan given to charity. How much money has he given to help the thousands of poor people who are suffering from cancer, kidney disease and cardiac problems so as to enable them to seek medical treatment and cure. Is President Nathan keeping very close to his heart all his multi million dollar salary without sheding a cent for charity. A potential presidential candidate has indicated that he will give half his salary to charity if he is elected. Can all other candidates pledge likewise?

All the great Singapore talents are in charged of Singapore sovereign funds like Temasek Holdings and GIC. Tony Tan is the great president of GIC and yet he and his clever colleagues cost Singapore to lose hundreds of billions in unsound overseas investments. Now he wants to be an economic advisor of the government when he is elected president. Any way he is a very rich multi millionaire . He should be satisfied looking after his wealth and enjoy a good life. Let Singaporeans vote in a non partisan president. Tony cannot see and experience the feel of ordinary Singaporeans and is unable to see to their needs. So let Singaporeans vote in a non partisan president.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry Redbean. His eminence, the grandmaster will be coming out to silence the critics when the time comes. Make a wrong choice and you will have 6 years to ruminate and regret your decision he will tell Singaporeans.

And then peace will prevail over paradise and TT will take his seat! Elected or just taking his reserved place, I can not tell yet.

Honestly, I am getting more confused with too many conflicting views about what can and what cannot the EP do. Are they trying to confuse the disciples of Confucius or all the followers of other religions as well? Why can't they spell out clearly what the duties are and be done with it?

It's getting fucking crazy!

Anonymous said...

So far it is like saying pay him $4m and ask him to shut up.

Anonymous said...

Just like increasing the GRC candidates from three to five/six, the elected Presidency is just the same to me - one word Rubbish.

Look at the criteria set for the elected presidency. The candidate must run a S$100 million business to qualify but then if he is a ex or current MP the S$100 million tag is not necessary anymore even if he has no financial experience.
Isn't that telling a lot about the criteria set.

The PAP Government is only protecting their interest. If they are really thinking of Singapore future, for more checks why not make election for Upper and Lower House in Parliament. Sure passing legislation maybe a bit messy but then a popular and efficient Government who won majority in both houses should not face this problem.

Anonymous said...


Their silence in this situation is usual, nothing unusual.

Yes, silence hides the truth. But...

Anonymous said...


Character assassination by PAP comes at the finest moment ! Didn't you recall that during the election period, all the shittyTimes and MediaShit blatantly character-assassinated of opposition openly with open arms , and putting into major headline and news ? And see how days before election, PAP cronies promise to be fair in reporting , and wayang that they have changed ?

Don't doubt that PAP is going to do that again. They will raise nonsensical questions on the candidates but never on Tony Tan. Afraid not, the new media will provide the bullet and missile to help the people's presidents because the truth will always be the truth, and the voice of the people of new media will be the ultimate weapons.