TRE still down

When I look at Singapore News Alternative, TRE seems to be working. Whenever I click on it, well, it is under repair. And it has been under repair once too often. Many of you too are facing the same problem. I can only hope that this is just a technical problem and not something sinister.


notanotherspinstory said...

I'm sure its nothing sinister.
If they wanted it down, they would have done so earlier.

Anonymous said...

According to TR's facebook page:

"Just received news that there was a security breach at one of TR's mirror servers this afternoon and its IT team is currently investigating the matter which may take one to two days."

Anonymous said...

It all depends on where you are trying to get into TRE.

Anonymous said...

Everything is politics.

Anonymous said...

Was denied access(commented in your earlier thread) and requested for more information to no avail.

When me sort for possible reason, was informed by the Net that there could be interference from aliens. My facebook was similarly disconnected a week earlier and me was reminded that it was shutdown due to phishing.

Must say that in my case, nothing political suspected as me am not involve in politics. But, the constant inaccessibility is irritating.


Anonymous said...

They do not have to take it down. That will be too obvious. They are smarter than that. Making access so frustrating slow, soon people will not want to access the site.

Anonymous said...

hi, i brot this up to u in your gambling story. i have tried 2 proxy servers to access TRE to no avail. i'm still either Forbidden or told the site is under repair.

yes i read their note on facebook tt there's a security breach, but the thing is some friends are still able to access the site! @$#%

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Yep. I suggest those who still cannot access TRE to switch search engine as mentioned by a few bloggers earlier.

Using local engine may be a futile effort.