Test for daft Singaporeans

This Saturday, 27 Aug 2011, Singapore will again have an opportunity to sit for a test to prove their daftness once again. For so many years, Singaporeans have not only been told that they are daft, they even agreed that it is true and accepted the fact shamelessly.

After a life time of slogging, when many have become grandfathers and grandmothers, when the normal process of growing up and ageing would have made them wiser, they were told that they cannot be trusted with their hard earned money. And this money will be kept away from them, maybe return to them in drips, and in exchange they will be given a piece of paper every month to tell them how rich they are, and also how daft they are.

They were also told that foreigners are here to help them, to create jobs for them. But before doing that, the foreigners would have to take some of their jobs. And if they lost out to the foreigners, they were told to buck up or that they were lazy, less competitive and must go for retraining, for a lower skill job than before. And also, the foreigners are here to help to increase the value of their properties that they cannot sell. For after selling, they would not be able to afford to buy the next property except by downgrading.

There are many other things that were shafted down their throats to confirm their daftness. This Saturday, they will be put on another test to confirm how daft they are, or whether they are beyond redemption.

The test is about a Justice Bao, a Song magistrate that was legendary for his impartial dispensing of justice, without fear or favour. This time the daft Singaporeans were told that Justice Bao has reincarnated. He is going to stand for election as the next President. And Justice Bao will uphold justice with absolute impartiality. He will not be affected by his relations with anyone in the execution of his duties. Any govt official that is corrupt will be beheaded under the tiger head guillotine. The Singaporeans are told to elect this Justice Bao the reincarnated as their President. And Justice Bao will demolish the myth that absolute power will corrupt. With Justice Bao as the President, there is no such thing as corruption of power. The more absolute the power the better for Singaporeans, when Justice Bao is around. Singaporeans will once again be told to vote for absolute power.

Would Singaporeans again prove themselves to be daft and vote the reincarnation of Justice Bao to be their President? The verdict will be out by 28 Aug 2011.


Anonymous said...

Just like the sun rises in the east every day, the daftness of majority Sinkies will prevail.

Surely, you have seen enough to know that.

Anonymous said...

The daftness will only ends if the MSM tells the truth and the school teach the true history of Singapore.

Sadly, I can't see any light at the end of the tunnel yet.

Nonetheless, I agreed with TJS, he has already won without winning the PE. He has awaken many more singaporean from their daftness and slumber.

His courage and passion will not be in vain. As it only takes a spark to get a fire going.

So, we do see a spark and hopefully a fire not too far down the road.

Thanks for your writing Mr Chua, u are also one of the spark !

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I malu also. I am one of the daft ones. How else could people take my money away from me and telling me it is for my own good?

Anonymous said...

You ain't daft, just like the 40%.

We are bound because of the daftness of the 60%.

And yes, I am sure the daftness in Singaporeans will show again this Saturday.

More I think, the more I think LKY knows Singaporeans well very. He knows no matter how he whacks them, they would be daft enough to vote him and his cronies in.

Pity the daft and dumb Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

"I malu also"

I dont understand that phrase. Can you translate it to putong hua for me? Thanks a million!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Malu is a Malay word for embarrass/shameful or pai seh in Hokien.

Anonymous said...


me am very hopeful this time round.

Good news awaits Singaporeans on 28 August 2011.


Anonymous said...

Totally agree with Anonymous Aug 26 9:22am