Tan Jee Say taking a big lead in Polls

My straw poll is up for 24 hours and 146 have voted with106 for Tan Jee Say, 24 for Tan Cheng Bock, 9 for Tan Kin Lian and 7 for Tony Tan.

Yes, if this was done by any media, they will blow it as their front page news as if Tan Jee Say is going to win the Presidency. But as many of you have pointed out, a poll conducted here, in the ST, in Reach or in TRE will reflect certain kinds of results reflecting the inclination of the participants. This is only natural and, I don’t have to remind any of you here as you are very rational and thinking people, I would like those who tend to take media reports at face value to be careful about such biases in polls and news.

The result of this poll so far is quite a true reflection of the kind of people visiting cyberspace looking for alternative news. They are informed and wanted to be more informed and would not allow anyone to pull wool over their eyes. For the moment, we can assume that the voters in the poll are quite genuine and this is what they truly wanted. This does not rule out a big block of voters coming in to vote for any one of the candidates here to swing the poll to their favour.

What is clear is that though Tony Tan is claiming endorsements from unions, clans and associations, these too may not say much as to who the members of these organisations will vote eventually. This poll shows that there are other corners of the population that have a mind of their own and some would favour other candidates very strongly, and that candidate may not be Tony Tan.

We still have 5 more days before polling day and we shall watch how the poll goes and how representative is a non partisan and non aligned blog like this one when match to the real election outcome.

Just keep an open mind.


Anonymous said...

The surprising thing is that the Ah Cheks and Ah Sims are a well informed lot now, though not cyberspace savy. Children and friends have made the influence of cyberspace on them more pronounced than thought. Their comments and reactions have unwittingly mirror cyberspace.

So, I am not sure it will be a walk in the park for TT, as many have predicted just by assessing the show of support by Unions, Clans and PAP grassroots and basing on the 60% support at the May GE.

With no handouts, no promises of upgrading, no fear of jobs on the line, it is a different ball game altogether.

Ahmad Chong said...

It is almost a foregone conclusion that TT will win. He is guaranteed 40% of the vote and many will switch to him in the privacy of the polling booth. This is Spore. The collective anger has not reached a point where people are willing to vote for a non PAP person.

I salute the courage of the other three Tans and hope for a miracle which will see at least one of the other Tans pull of a major upset on election day.

Mr Lonely said...

walking here with a smile.. have a nice day ~ =D

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Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Ahmad Chong and Mr Lonely, welcome to the blog.

Like the gambler says, nothing is set till the game is over. We will have to wait for the people to cast their votes.

We can only wish the people vote wisely. I know who I am voting and I know who many of you will be voting. Looks like we are voting for the same candidate: )

Anonymous said...

If TJS wins, LKY has a choice to invoke ISA to lock him up without trial because he is the only one that is clearly opponent of PAP's preferred EP. Since TKL is ex-PAP, he know how to swim among the power holders when elected. So, he may not be able to deliver what he said before EP election. TCB is PAP's backup and TT is PAP's comfortable choice. Given this situation, you could roughly know who will be the next wayang EP. A conspiracy theory also suggested that TJS could also be asked by the PAP to fool the Singaporeans who demand for independent EP.