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The silent revolution

Spring is here. I can smell it. No it is not the Arab Spring. This Spring is uniquely Singapore, totally silent. Not a sound. No street demonstrations or looting. No gun shots, no Molotov cocktails, no IED, no suicide squads. The streets are completely peaceful and life goes on as normal.

The battle has begun. The battle for Singapore, where Singaporeans are determined to reclaim their island, their rights, their money, their freedom and dignity, has started. The hit squads are there, the snipers, commandos, the infiltrators, the moles, the sleepers, the provocateurs, the squirrels, all are working furiously to gain more grounds.

The establishment is under attacked. Anyone associated with the establishment will not be spared. The presidential hopefuls could swear to it. All the past has been dug out for display, the wrongs, the ill conceived agenda, indiscretion, transgression, the self serving logics, will be retold by those in the know. Many victims wanted to tell their stories, they wanted justice and a reparation for their wrongful detention. They are fearless and standing up crying for justice. Nothing is going to frighten people who have been locked up for many years and in their twilight years.

The establishment is under attacked in all fronts. The latest, the People’s Association and the HDB, proclaimed to be non partisan, non political, are being hung up for a beating. Anyone from the establishment that talked foolishly will become instant targets.

Some from the establishments have crossed over. More will do so. Would those who have compromised themselves while with the establishment also waiting to cross over, to bear witness with their testimonies of their misguided acts?

The revolution is on going, in all fronts, in the silent world of cyberspace. The weapons are as harmless as a note book, laptop, an iphone or an ipad. The insurgents are taking each other out at every battle site. Some were direct and vicious, some were more discreet, some were smoking and you can’t tell which side they are from.

This is a battle without bullets and bloodshed. It is a battle for the truth, for the hearts and minds of the people. Truth shall prevail and triumph with its believers. The playing field is much level and the combatants are equally committed to wage this war.

This is a silent revolution, a soundless revolution, but just as vigorous and exacting on the wills of the soldiers. Who will emerge the victor in this new warfare of netizens?


Anonymous said...

Save SG Movement (SSGM) 拯救新加坡行动 (救新)Begins.

Anonymous said...

only in your weird mind there's something going on here ....

Anonymous said...

...and 70% voted for the PAP. A convincing win.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Oh, you are back.

Your have been lurking in the dark for so long and finally find the courage to post again: )

Anonymous said...


What can be achieved by a silent revolution made up largely of sheeps?

Importing a few sheep dogs from Australia will put down the sheep revolution.

The revolution in cyberspace are just by the outlaws of the marsh. They were actually misled by their own leader, ending in tragedy.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Sheep dogs are definitely good to control sheep. It is in their blood.

Anonymous said...

Me would not call it a revolution, uprising or even protest.

However, it is clearly before everyones' eyes that the local blogosphere is full of enlightened folks from the society. They are obviously disaffected.

And my feel is that, these folks in blogosphere will have to give up(not surrender) in the end. Reason is that the people are fragmented, no cohesion can be actualized from lip services and public relation tactics. Sincerity has escaped from the leadership for too long and its' demise is not irrecoverable. The fate is sealed years ago.


Anonymous said...

My apology.

is not irrecoverable.

The above phrase should read 'not recoverable' or 'is irrecoverable'.


Anonymous said...

PAP should use ISA again to silent those unwanted voice in cyberspace and to stop such revolution. Such things happen in cyberspace can only rein the property market, just like the terrorists. Once the property market becomes stagnant, it is the end of a vibrant Singapore. After all, Singapore is unique for most thing, use of ISA is good. Otherwise, what those ISD staff are doing?

Anonymous said...

Where to house the political convicts in this tiny dot?
If ISA is to be effectively used, at least one third of the population will have to be quarantined.