Shanmugam is right

In a way, Shanmugam is right in telling the Singaporeans to vote for the President as spelt out by the Constitution and not the President they wished to have. What else can the Singaporeans do? For this presidential election, Singaporeans have no choice. It is written in the Constitution and Singaporeans going to the polls cannot act other wise.

Singaporeans who want to vote for the Office of the President with powers and duties they wished the President would have would have to wait till the next GE. Only in a GE will Singaporeans have a choice to decide what kind of EP they want. And if they are serious of wanting their kind of President, they will need to vote in a different political party to Parliament and with a 2/3 majority. Only then can they change the terms of reference of the EP, even all the criteria of eligibility for the presidential candidates. They can even disband the Presidential Election Council.

Yes, they can do that only if a new party comes into power with a 2/3 majority in 2016. For the time being, everything is fixed. Cannot change except to elect one of the Tans. There is nothing else that Singaporeans can do now.


Anonymous said...

EP is a wayang after GE. GE will decide the change. Alternative party government is essential to change. EP is waste of public fund.

Anonymous said...

PM's 'Welfare State', the people's 'Animal Farm.'

PM's Welfare State and the people's 'Animal Farm.'Tuesday

Recently the PM talked about the demerits of a welfare state. Was he trying to confuse the

issues , the genuine grievances that the citizens raised? The people never demand a welfare

state. The people are too discerning to dream of one. Neither can the people tolerate and

accept a system as practised in George Orwell's 'Animal Farm.' This is exactly what is

happening in Singapore. So when the PM talked about the Welfare State he was trying to

obfuscate the genuine issues and grievances of the people. In the PAP's founding manifesto

it declared that we are all equal just as it was stated in 'Animal Farm.' But just as in 'Animal

Farm' when the leaders and the Party achieved power the declaration is changed to , "We

are all equal. But some are more equal than others." Yes, the people are equally working the

shit out of their lives for a living while the PAP leaders are working equally just as hard to

exploit the people for their own selfish ends to enrich themselves with stratospheric salaries

and pensions even just after working eight years as a minister or an MP. In the meantime

they take away the pension from civil servants who dedicate their whole life and career to

serve the public. What justification is that? To justify their high salaries they use all immoral

and unethical ways and means of exacting money from the people to increase the revenue

and fill the state coffers viz the insane high COEs, ERPs, GST, high utilities charges, high bus

and train fares, unaffordable HDB houses and a myriad other taxes. The standard of living

has gone up beyond the people's means that the sick cannot afford to see a doctor and can

only wait to die especially those thousands suffering from chronic disesases like cancer,

kidney trouble and cardiac diseases. Those who try to get treatment are devastated to find

that they are critically depoverished and their savings all gone through high cost of medical

charges and unbelievable high doctors' fees. While the people are suffering, the politicians

especially the ministers , President and MPs are immorally enjoying undream of wealth.

Isn't it time to reorganise the self satisfying politics of Animal Farm in order to save the

people and the country from the clutches of greed and avarice? It starts with the coming

presidential election. Vote for the candidate who is non tainted by greed and avarice and

non tainted by PAP hubris hogwash politics. Vote in an alternative government in the next

General Election in 2016.

SG Tuesday 16-08-2011.

Anonymous said...


There is nothing Singaporeans can do but TAN.

TAN for 2016!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Yes, tan, tan, tan and tan ku ku : )

Anonymous said...

There are four TANs contending the presidency. The people are hoping for the fifth TAN to take up in the contest. If the fifth TAN decides to join in the contest the other four TANs will have no chance. Some one says ORANG UTAN had submitted his application. Good, the people will vote for him and he will be Singapore's next president.


Every body knows the presidential election in Singapore is a sham . Yet the people can't help it but to go along with it.Among the four contending candidates, one stands out clearly as unique from the other three in the sense that he is not only exceptionally rich but has been a banker and chairman of a government investment corporation and while the other three TANS have openly declared that the present president's pay is definitely too high and needs to be pared down, he is keeping vey tight lip about it.

As the post is only a ceremonial one it is sufficed to pay the president only an honourarium or a nominal salary of five hundred thousand dollars. The new reduced salary should be applied retrospectively for the last twelve years and therefore the government must collect back from President Nathan the difference in sum total for those twelve years since the astronomical high salary he took was given to him arbitrarily without the people's consent.

From now on Parliament must consult and seek the people's approval through a public referendum with regard to ministers and MPs pay. Politicians should never be given a free ride to riches and undream of wealth on the tax payers' back.