Rise of an Asean military power

Filipinos have taken centre stage the last few days in our social media. It was something like they were shocked by Singapore’s NSmen lacking in morals, loyalty and patriotism. Given the rising stature of the Philippines as a military power in SE Asia, I think the comments made good sense and a good reminder of how far Singapore has been lacking behind the Philippines.

On record, the Philippines have the reputation of being the only Asean country that could take on China. They have arrested Chinese seamen, removed Chinese territorial markers in the Spratly Islands belonging to China. And they have warned China that they would fire at Chinese naval ships in the area.

Now where on earth can you find such a garang country, other than the US, to talk to China in such a threatening manner? Yes, only a rising military power like the Philippines could act in this way, fearless, with a strong sense of morals and patriotism. This is something that Singaporeans got to learn from the Filipinos.

The latest is that the Philippines Navy is buying a patrol craft to defend its islands against China while China is playing with its new toy, an aircraft carrier.

If you don’t agree with me on the facts that I used to support my case, you must give it to the Filipinos for their confidence and guts to tell the Chinese off. Great nations and great people start by thinking they are great and believe in it.

One of Singapore’s best policy today is to add the good genes of foreign talents into our degenerating and depleting gene pool. Since independence, the quality of our talents is going down hill to the extent that many CEO positions in our native organisations must be helmed by foreigners. Maybe this is one of the reasons why we are welcoming more Filipino FTs to our shores to share their good genes. And our little children will also be taught the great values of the Filipinos by the maids.

At the end of the day our gene pool will be enhanced and perhaps we could also make claims to the Spratly Islands. There is oil out there and would be good for our economy. If the Chinese objects, we can also threaten to arrest their seamen as a show of force. I think we have a few more patrol craft than the Philippines, and if they could stand up to China, we should be able to do better, if only our NSmen have more morals, loyalty and patriotism.


Anonymous said...

One day Sinkie women will have to take lessons on how to be good maids from the experienced and talented pinoys.

Anonymous said...


Talented pinoy maids? If you say so. No wonder every Tom, Dick and Harry is a talent in the eyes of our rulers.

Seriously, I think our rulers still do not get it with the Ogre still insisting that without foreigners Singapore would lack vitality and drive.

Oh, by the way, Singaporeans already lost their sex drive and sperm vitality, that is why they cannot procreate. All because of the pressure of foreigners making life more difficult for them. On top of that, foreign female talented sex workers are competing for the Singapore male's depleted sex drive.

Yes, bring in more foreign sex workers to vitalised our Singaporean males.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, Pinoys are good actors by any definition.

They treat such posturing as in the cowboy movies, but it is all hot air, nothing else.

When Marcos and his family went into exile, they were initially barred from returning, but now the rest of his family is now happily back in the Philippines and politically in the limelight again.

Then there was this soldier that plotted a coup many years ago, failed and was arrested but later freed without any hint of punishment. How can people not want to stage coups when the Government treat such events like an Arnold movie. If they succeed, they have much to gain and just get away easily if they fail.

Then, there was this tourist bus hostage thingy just recently. Least said the better, but what a mess!

I can go on and on, but better to let them live their fantasies.