Polling Day - What are we voting for?

We have an election for a ‘lame duck’ President under the Constitution. Yes, he has veto rights to several important areas. He can only exercise his veto if a piece of paper is placed to his desk. If nothing is placed on his desk, there is nothing to veto at all. Get it?

This does not mean that this election is not important. It is, and every citizen must think about it carefully and use his vote wisely. This election is not about voting against the PAP. This election is not about voting the coolest uncle to take pictures with. This election is not about voting someone to kick butts.

This election is about checks and balance. This election is about being sensible and knowing what is good for you and your children. This election is to tell the world that you are not daft.

And you can confirm your daftness by voting for absolute power. You can double confirm your daftness by voting for checks and balance by ‘ka ki lang’, or in English, voting for the same kind to check on the same kind. And you can triple confirm your daftness by voting for both above reasons. And your daftness will forever be carved in stone.

Go to the polling station tomorrow to redeem yourself, your dignity and self respect, that you are not daft, that you are able to think clearly and logically.


Anonymous said...

What are we voting for?

Voting to see if Singaporeans are daft or not loh...

Pity the daft and dumb Singaporeans

Anonymous said...

Actually, the rulers know that all voters who vote on that day are daft. Daft because they are voting for a person who cannot influence, change or have a say in the way voters are expecting. Just can block, what for? Blocking may also result in his removal!

So, isn't it daft for voters to vote?

Now, how did we arrive at this sad juncture of practically just participating in a wayang, posturing as zombies and obedient as sheep.

Joseph Tan said...

Just came back to Singapore from my Thailand home just to vote. So far 8 immediate family members for voting for TSJ. I am talking to the other 11. Think should not be problem. At this time it is very clear, TKL is somewhat out so our only hope for a voice for Singaporeans is only TSJ.

Anonymous said...

Don't be misled. The President is a very powerful post. That's why somebody die die put on a thick face must try for it.

Anonymous said...

Have faith in the voters this time.

You will not be disappointed.


Anonymous said...

When singaporeans got no choice they vote for PAP
When singaporeans got choice, they vote for safe choice PAP.
They are kiasi, most got no backbone.
Don't believe me, you just watch.
TT or TCB will win.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Yes! I will be voting TT.

If I don't, HDB/PAP may stop pushing up the prices of flats, and I may not be a millionaire anymore!

Anonymous said...

When all the S$ you have becomes worthy as rupiahs, being a millionaire also no use. In Indonesia they have probably tens of millions of rupiah millionaires, but living in difficulty.

Everyone with a HDB then becomes a rupiah millionaire, so what difference does it make? By then CPF money will be nearly as worthy as rupiah too, and when they dish out that few hundred dollars a month to us in retirement, that amount may not even be enough to pay for electricity and water charges.

But since some Singaporeans love to work until they drop, and enjoy being rupiah millionaires, vote for TT for your millionaire dream.

Anonymous said...

Tony Tan says, "Confidence For The Future". We Singaporeans should not allow Tony Tan to "Con Us Into The Future." Tony Tan is a rich man, a multi millionaire who is insensitive to the feelings and problems of the common men. Under his tenure as minister of various ministries and as Deputy Prime Minister and later vice chairman of GIC, he had committed many grave errors to the detriment of Singpore and Singaporean workers.So why bother to vote for him and allow him to sneer us as daft Singaporeans again. Vote for Tan Jee Say for his efficiency and eloquence and for his guts and gumption to speak up for the interest of the people and the workers.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This is the first election that the views and the pros and cons of the candidates are almost fully aired in the main media and the social media.

The voters are well informed of the goodness and flaws of every candidate and they should be able to make an informed decision. The future of the country and their children are in their own hands.

Coming after the last GE, this election too will set the tone for the next GE, on how the voters will vote. Will they be swayed be emotions, fear or clear thinking, the results will tell tomorrow morning.

Anonymous said...

GE2011 was a tentative test of whether Singaporeans are really daft and 60% passed the test.

EP2011 may be a better test because no handouts, upgrading carrots and repentance threats have been used to sway voters. If a non PAP candidate gets elected, it will set the tone for GE2016. Spring Singapore may be a reality.

Anonymous said...

What is this PE all about? We all know that the President cannot do a damn thing even if the govt is a rouge govt.
So is this a precursor to gauge the ground of PAP and Opposition supporters for GE2016?
Maybe and maybe not....
The way I see it, the Elected President is LKY's idea of showing to the world that YES, we do have checks and balances in Singapore!
Never mind that he gets a compliant (or Powerless) President, who cannot do anything to the ruling party as it is still a "show" to say we have "Checks and Balances"