PE – 100% endorsement for the govt

Some said the PAP got only 35% of the popular votes, some said 70%. I say 75%. The numbers are very interesting and alive, and can be interpreted anyway one wants to look at them. It may be flattery, self deception, cynicism, foolish thoughts and anything but the truth. So reading numbers and interpreting numbers are not so objective and scientific after all. It is an art for the spin doctors.

Why did I say PAP won 75%? Tony, Cheng Bock and Kin Lian were all PAP before. Have they really left the PAP? Who can vouch to know the absolute truth? And I also say that the govt or establishment won 100% of the votes this time, a complete endorsement. Why not? All of them worked for the govt at one time or another. All has govt blood running in them, and govt thinking, including involvement in govt policy making and execution.

Don’t be surprise if all were invited to a tea party by the PM and all say a big thank you to the voters together. Then those who share this view of mine would say, see, all together with the PM, must be of the same camp.
Feeling cheated? The truth is still out there. And the truth is different in the eyes of everyone. The PAP is being conservative and a little shy to claim that it won only 70%. They could have won 100% for all you know.

Time to call for celebration for the great victory. What wayang? No it is the truth.


notanotherspinstory said...

They still win, no matter how they want to define it.

It's ridiculous they want to claim 70% is PAP vote.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Not really. We don't know what is the real story. For them to claim 70% victory for the PAP, they might know something we don't.

Anonymous said...

It is a fact that combined votes for tony tan and tan cheng bok was over 70%.
Singaporeans will get to see that on PAP's Family Day, the Two will be together at the Union of the Family members. If teng cheong, nair are still around, they would be at the Family gathering too.


Anonymous said...

100% is correct. Jee Say can be considered PAP, having worked directly under GCT. And Jee Say himself said that the other three worked, slept and dreamed PAP.

Do you not, by now, think that all civil servants are working for the PAP? There is nothing civil about those people now.

Trebuchet said...

Eh, many kinds of people like teachers and public-sector doctors are also civil servants. We are paid by the government, true. Doesn't mean we breathe PAP air all the time. Or vote for the PAP.

Trebuchet said...

And it's very insulting to say we are not civil. As the old joke goes, civil servants are paid enough to be servants but not to be civil. Whether that is the case in SG, you would have to find out for yourself. :)

Anonymous said...

Paid enough to be servants to whom? To the PAP or to the electorate?

If the old joke is truly reflective of reality, and I think it obviously does, the admission of 'but not to be civil' must say it all about civil servants.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Tan Cheng Bock or the PAP may want to explain why his votes are counted as votes for the PA.

Anonymous said...

You see, they sometimes unknowingly 'let loose a horse leg' by talking too much.

So, by claiming that it was a 70% victory for the PAP, does that not tell us that TCB is also still regarded as a PAP man.

And some still will believe that apolitical shit being spinned about TT and the EP election.

Anonymous said...

"PE – 100% endorsement for the govt"

...if you also count the 37,000 who voted against all 4 of them

Anonymous said...

It's just the way PAP need to spin the story after TCB hinted there was a division from within. This is damage control. PAP's greatest fear has always been TCB. Sometimes, the ex-employee is the best person to audit the company. Unfortunately, the TJS fans didn't even bother to evaluate each candidate based on their credentials. They gave him a free pass MERELY because he said he was "independent".