Paya Lebar CCC banned MP Chen Show Mao

The news that MP Chen Show Mao has been banned from attending a Seventh Moon Celebration is circulating in the internet and social media. Or is it the People’s Association that is banning him from the event? It was reported that the piece of land for the celebration is under the jurisdiction of the PA which is a non political organisation. So like the community clubs, all activities on its land or premises must not be political. MPs are seen as political. Advisors to CCCs or MCs are not political as they are not wearing the MP hat. Whatever, I am embarrass trying to understand the logic and reasoning.

Coming back to the issue, does the CCC or the PA has the right or authority to ban any citizen from attending a function, be it social, cultural, religious or private functions like wedding or birthday celebrations? If anyone is to ban any person from an event, it must be the organisers and their private functions.

The second point to ask is whether such organisations can ban an elected MP from anything at all? Are they the law, the police or the govt? Is such an act a challenge to institution of the Parliament?

One thing I am still confused in this country that is ruled by law. Does the presence of a MP make an event political? Does a wedding become a political event when an MP is invited? Can an MP enter a community club in his capacity as the MP regardless of his political affiliation? Or is an MP a disease, cannot go about interacting with the citizens?

An MP is good enough to sit in the Parliament, the highest legal body of the country, but can an MP be forbidden to enter a community club or attend a community event in any place in the island, a public place or a private home? As a reminder, the community clubs are built by the people’s money, and not somebody’s grandfather’s money. An MP is also a citizen and an elected representative in Parliament.

I think the Presidential hopefuls may want to have a view on this matter. Those attending their public forums may want to pose this question to them. The MP is part of the legislature that makes law for the country. No one or organisation should do anything to insult the office of an MP.

Would our honourable and learned friends try to interpret the law to see if there is any violation in this regard? I think many would rather play it self, so safe that today, the presidential hopefuls seem to be seeing many things that out to be put right in the run up to the election, from who has the right to be sitting in the Istana to what the President should be doing.

PS. It was quite a joke that the MPs of west Malaysia can be banned from entering east Malaysia. Very third world thuggish behaviour.


Anonymous said...

Just a few days ago,
I was around the car park (belongs to CC), and saw Chairman (either CCMC / CCC) introduced a man to 2 obviously non-native Singaporeans, possibly the new citizens. The man happened to be member of PAP branch. I believe that is not pre-urposely arranged and the man just happend to run into them. But my point here is in the premise it suppose to be strictly apolitical.
Too bad, the reality is different.

Anonymous said...

With reference to your point about West Malaysian (opposition) politicians being disallowed to enter East Malaysia, I have to inform you that this has been happening over since Mahathir's days. Selectively, of course. But your description of such insecurity is appropriate.

Anonymous said...

This is actually good news for opposition especially this story has been highlighted in New Paper as well. The PAP continues to be boorish in its attitude, its promises of change a lie of the first degree.

agongkia said...

It could be a hint that the Hor Hia Tee want to have a change of location for celebration.
Organising committee should seek advice from the Hor Hia Tee before sending out invitation.
Organising Committee is to be blame.

Anonymous said...

As long as the PAP government is in power they can write any rules and regulations and interpreted them whichever way they want. This is what I called the government machinery at work.

Anonymous said...

I understand that Cythia Phua attended such Seventh Moon Celebration without a hitch in the past. The 'Hor Hia Tee' must be very selective in granting permission. Holy cow, even the 'Hor Hia Tee' are getting political!

And I thought TT was saying that the EP should be above politics. They can't even understand what they are saying themselves.

By the way, I think there is a subtle difference between TT and TCB's choice of campaigning issues compared to TKL and TSJ.

The former two talks much like as though the PAP wants them to tow the line. Why is TCB talking about inconsequential issues like moving the PM's office out of the Istana. Is that just to confuse the core issues or is he out of ammunition to support his ground? And his hint that EP hopefuls should not promise what they cannot deliver? Isn't that a typical PAP line?

Anonymous said...

Who cares what happened to CSM. The people of Singapore are voicing their displeasure of the PAP policies, and the honourable CSM complains about his lack of presence in the Hungry Ghost Festival.

Is he for real, or for show. Take Care of Yourself, CSM

Anonymous said...

If he wants to complain, bring in up to Parliament - The First World Parliament.

Do you think we are your barking dogs - Honurable CSM.

We are expressing opposition to the PAP Leadership for allowing foreingers to become President Scholars, the candidate son for not doing his NSF and what are you complaining about - Bring it up to the higher authority yourself.

Alas, you are also a foreinger in disguse, not concern about Singaporeans rights.

So sad and sorry lah.

Anonymous said...

If Sinkies cannot understand the issues of Chen SM, as an MP, being banned by a grassroot organisation, they deserved to be ruled till kingdom comes. This is how pathetic and daft sinkies are. They can handle only one issue at a time but unable to see the big picture and the little pieces of a jigsaw when every piece fits into a whole picture.

So sad.

WL said...

Anon@August 21 6.50pm, I totally agree with you. CSM is an elected Member of Parliament; is that so hard to understand? Yet the govt and their related grassroots organisations and institutions still treat him like an unelected opposition member. I know for a fact that opposition MPs are never invited to schools functions, even those schools in their own constituency. Ask around - people you know who work in the ministeries and stat boards and find out what the unspoken policies are regarding opposition MPs. It has been going on for a long time, but only brought out in the open now. This PAP govt is secretive, non-transparent and totally hypocritical! Talk about engaging the citizens? First learn to respect the citizens, who have made their choice of MP in Aljunied GRC. Don't use your ka-kias to do your dirty work! That's really disrepectful!

Anonymous said...

PM Lee has been calling on all Singaporeans TO WORK TOGETHER.


Let's us see what the PM got to say about the Incidence.


Anonymous said...

I concur with Anon 6.50. This is why Singaporeans have ended up being so pathetic and daft. They are unable to even differentiate what is right and what is wrong.

Something is very wrong about our education system. What is the point of bragging about having citizens being highly educated, but having brains full of everything but the ability to think.

I am sick of such people.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

No respecting an elected MP is not respecting the constitution of the country, not respecting the people who elected him.

Anonymous said...

i was shocked when they held the PE Nomination @ PA HQ...imagine one of they being denied to use the toilet...THANK GOD the other 2 can control their bladders

Anonymous said...

Daft Singaporeans have to think clearly if they want the entire country's apparatus to be run by the PAP any longer.

They used to deserve this, with their policies meant to grow Singapore and benefit Singaporeans, now these very same policies are simply meant to entrench them in power while throwing out senseless policies.

Daft Singaporeans, please think for a moment, if PAP still deserves to control from the Presidency down to CC.

If not, do the right thing, vote for a true independent candidate, start with the Presidency and perhaps we might have some hope left.

Pity the daft and dumb Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Don't you guys know and hear what LKY recently said that Singapore (PAP) culturally is quite similar to that of PRC Communist party? I was shocked to first hear about his comment given that he was our leader of anti-communism in the 1960s-70s.

But, think of what LKY said and the current CSM-CCC saga, it is no surprise that could happen. I don't know what to do!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hsien Loong better step in to right this wrong. Otherwise more will cross over to the opposition side.

Anonymous said...


Now the NTUC chief came out to say that Unions can support any candidate of their choice. Real or not? If that is the case, why is there a need to make it public on the MSM.

Well, Never Trust Union Chiefs.

Anonymous said...

Instead of playing politics and going public with seven month, he makes things even more difficult for his party to work with govt. As a vulunteer worker, I see many poor and aged people in Aljunied. He should spend more time and energy helpng these people. It been months since they took over and some how the momentum is not been there. Instead he spends time carving out his territory. There are many more important urgent things to do. That is what I think.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Sylvia Lim is pointing the finger at the HDB for playing politics with PA. The judgement of who is right or abusing power is in the hearts of the people.

Justice is in the people's court.

Anonymous said...

How can the WP do much when all the public space is cornered. Can't even organise community events.

WL said...

Anon@August23 8.40am. I think it's the govt that is making it difficult for the WP Party to work, full stop! The MPs have to meet constituents at void decks, cannot attend functions organised by the residents, and who knows what other so-called legal roadblocks have been put in their way to carry out their work as MPs...all these must be made public so that Singaporeans are aware of the underhanded ways being used by our govt to punish its own citizens for voting for the opposition. Shameful!

Anonymous said...

yes, yes, opposition MPs must not be shy about such things. Just call a press conference and tell all. Media does not want to report, there are many social media to report them.

Don't take bullying and unfair tactics lying down.

Anonymous said...

Right. How can the WP do anything fast when everywhere the PAP claims is their territory or controlled by their proxies? The opposition can not even try to promote themselves in PAP controlled territories!

Everything is relative. A PAP volunteer in Aljunied will say this is not done and that is not done. An opposition volunteer in PAP controlled wards will also say the same thing about PAP wards.

The thing is that the WP cannot put hurdles for the PAP to surmount, but the PAP is doing that even in WP wards wholesale, from things such as applying for permits and denying entry to designated places.

notanotherspinstory said...

"Tan" Show Mao for President!