The PA is a non political organization

The People’s Association is a statutory board and a non political organization. Who dares to challenge its non political and non partisan status in organizing community services? Even the community centres, now called community club, are not called political clubs or associations.

There is no politician in the organizations. Oh the MPs are only advisors of grassroots organizations which are also non political. The Chairman of the PA, someone told me is the Prime Minister. OK, he is the Chairman but not there as a politician. Maybe the Chairman’s position is akin to the President of Singapore, non political, a unifying figure, non partisan.

All of PA’s premises are out of bound to politicians. Even those common areas it leased from the HDB are only for non political community events. MPs cannot attend as they will make the event political. I think, correct me if I am wrong, an MP cannot go to the community club to pee if nature calls. It is strictly non political and does not need the presence of any political animal to tarnish its clean and non political image.

Please feel free to disagree with me. I never say that everything I said is 100% correct. Sure there are things that I said were wrong or wrongly conceived. Sure I must have made many mistakes. Please forgive me. I am just a lesser mortal.


Anonymous said...

That is why we need a strong opposition in Parliament and more importantly an EP not beholden to the PAP.

I fail to see what is the connection between and MP peeing and construing that as political. Only convoluted minds and vindictive thinking can justify such co-relation.

notanotherspinstory said...

PA is PAP's cozy club, funded by public money, headed by whites. Whilst the opposition are not allowed to have any such "club" of their own.

The said...

Ah Mee, ah, Yam Ah Mee, amituofo, please get your act together and take to tasks those who go against the PA's mission: "To Build and to Bridge communities in achieving One People, One Singapore.

Looks like your staff is doing exactly the opposite:
Destroying communities
Breaching communities
Dividing the people - PAP and non-PAP
Dividing the nation - Two Singapore - one for the PAP and one for the non-PAP.

Anonymous said...

"The PA is a non political organization"

I think the crocodiles will be laughing with tears in their eyes.

Anonymous said...

This is going to be a costly fiasco in terms of votes for the PAP, if not now, will be in 2016.

There are things that can be shafted down people's throats quietly and discreetly, but some things can blow up into a big issue that will prove costly.

And the problem is that in trying to justify what is essentially a wrong decision, the issue gets murkier and stinkier when explanations are put forward by various people that contradicts each other.

If they just keep quiet about it, the problem is not going away, not like the good old days of total news control, but will resurface when GE time comes.

They say that good news tend to stay at home, but bad news go around the world.

Anonymous said...

The Peoples' Association has made mockery of the Prime Minister's calls for ALL Singaporeans to work together.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

They have back tracked from their position. Sylvia and Chen Show Mao could still take them to court to establish the case, if there is any abuse of power and wrong doings.