New clothes maketh a new man

Are Singaporeans mortals or higher mortals, or simply robotics? We have a Presidential election tomorrow. From the onset of this election the Singaporeans were told that this is a non political election. The Elected President is non political and is above politics. There is no politics involved here, but the higher national interests. So Singaporeans all went about garbling that the election has nothing to do with Singapore’s politics.

Next came the candidates for the presidency. Three resigned from their political parties only a few days ago, and one resigned several years back. All claimed to be independent of any political parties or association. And all claimed that they are now new men and will not be influenced or affected by their past associations. The apolitical Office of the Presidency is safe. It will not be tarnished by any swine that will be elected to serve the interests of political parties.

And no political party stands out to endorse any of the candidates, to keep politics out of the election. Any politicians that endorsed or spoke well for the candidates were speaking in their own personal capacities, with no political agenda.

This is how clean this Presidential election has become. It is a role model for the world to emulate. Change the clothes and change the man. We have instant trees. Now we have instant apolitical men.

My apologies. Think I have a few glasses too many.


Anonymous said...

Really no politics involved?

In Singapore even going to the toilet at a CC to pee is deemed a political activity if you happen to wear an opposition badge/gear. On the other hand, I do not think those wearing PAP badges/garb will be stopped from going to that same toilet.

One country, two systems hor! But all not politcal lah!

Joseph Tan said...

Forgive my french or rather chinese 烂鸟 country by the 超级白 PAP. Really cannot tahan liao

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Joseph, We are going to have an impartial President Tan tp protect Singapore's reserves.