Lead by examples

The retired teachers are unhappy. There may be more certainty of their rehiring after 62, but it means a pay cut as well. And they are complaining that this is regressive. They are still doing the same hours of teaching which does not demand heavy duty work that age will slow them down.

The MOE should take a leaf from the govt where politicians are getting the same pay regardless of age. In fact they should adopt the practice of paying the teachers pension and the same pay concurrently, if the teachers are still on pension scheme. The retirement age is a legacy of the colonial past and Parliament has set a good example to delink from this abnormal practice.

Just follow the leaders and they cannot be wrong. Have they forgotten about the wise old saying of leading by examples?


Anonymous said...

They are leading by example. Pay LKY 1/10 of his old pay (MP pay vs Minister pay) and he is performing the same as before. The daft Singaporeans are getting very good value for money.

Anonymous said...

your blog is losing credibility on each passing day. Yours is like a anti Pap blog, ctitisizing and bashing ur govt every day, the same one who helps put the spoon in you. Anybody knows how to cticitize and blame. Shame on you redbean!

Anonymous said...

Leaders must be seen to be fair and just to themselves and to the people. Redbean is not anti PAP but anti injustice and self serving policies.

How to justify a non executive president being paid more than 5 times the salary of Obama when his jobs are primarily shaking hands, waving to the crowd, gracing events like President's charity, with hardly any executive responsibility. And he can't speak unless approved by the cabinet. You comfortable with this?

This is the kind of inequalities and flaws that must be spoken. There is a need for more such blogs like redbean's.

Why did you called this anti PAP? You have to look at things from an objective angle. Unless you are from the PAP and see any criticism as anti PAP.

It is anti injustice. More redbeans. If citizens did not speak out and allow inequalities to go unspoken, it will help to speed the destruction of this country.

Don't be the proverbial 3 monkeys.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thank you anon. I must appeal to every citizen to feel that this is their country and take responsibility to make this a better place for all citizens. As a responsible citizen, one must stand up and call a spade a spade.

To cover the eyes, say nothing, is totally irresponsible. We must educate our citizens to speak up and not to hide or pretend that something is right when it is wrong.

We can say thank you and show our appreciation for those who have don't good to the country. But this is not the reason for the people to close their eyes. A wrong is a wrong and must be corrected.

Of course you have the right to your own views of what is right or wrong.

Anonymous said...

unthinking singaporean!

agongkia said...

How come Mr.Bean's blog can be seen as anti PAP,I very blur leh.
I like to come here to kaypo because Mr Bean talk sense and he is seen to be a man of justice,to some degree to me.
Some of his contribution touch on the real situation of an ordinary citizen and its good to discuss it instead of closing one eye and sweep below the carpet.
He is indirectly helping those who do not have a chance to air their grievances, people like me.It benefit those people to understand the ground better.He could even be a PAP man trying to collect views here.How to say he is anti PAP?
He is fair not to delete my comments tough I cannot write proper English,only singlish and is gracious to accept others view..

Grow up,please.
But Mr Bean,talk more about local affair.I cannot contribute much when you talk about international affair because of my little knowledge.Can talk about Geylang too.

Anonymous said...

This is a good post,many respect and like PAP,but when "lead by example" no longer exit...how can u command respect? We all hope pension scheme to be back,but if this put a heavy "debt" on our younger generation,is ok, we understand and we don"t want! But why those at top who tell us all negative thing about pension scheme but still enjoy it now??

Anonymous said...

Those proven dedicated officers of the education, police, nursing and other essential services which effectively contribute to the betterment of society should be accorded the salaries due to them.

Anonymous said...

Mr Chua Chin Leng must be the Most Pro-PAP Citizen Of Sg.
Almost everyday, even on weekends, he is spending his time telling PAP what and how lay Singaporeans are saying about it(PAP).
And he does it probono.
Even our leaders charge us dearly for serving us.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I am sure all of you are familiar with the conduct of a drug addict. They could never accept that drug addiction is affecting them and is bad.

Addiction to the drug money can be as serious. They need more and more to get a little kick. Overtime they lost their reference point and instead to $100k it gets shifted to $500k, to $1m or to several millions. The numbers get numb the bigger it gets.

When so many people making do with $2k or $5k, the addicts needed many more millions or still will not be satisfied. It is getting senseless.

And no one dares to buy them a mirror. Some even encouraged their indulgence and turn a blind eye. Appeasement to money addiction is costly, just like what is happening in the US. The balloon of debt, or the debt that the people have to repay will only get bigger by the day.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi agongkia, it is alright if you don't follow my discourse on international affairs. They do have impacts on our domestic affairs as well. Also a good distraction: )

ubinboy said...

What is so special about the teaching profession ? Teachers are already enjoying a very high salary compared with the rest in the civil service.

Once we reach reirement age, it is natural that we let the young take over. We can retire and enjoy, or we can opt to continue working, as recent policies have been amended to allow us to do so, which previoulsy cannot. To be fair, one cannot expect to receive the same salary for reduced responsibility, e.g. we no longer need to supervise lower subordinates or be responsible to achieve certain goals.

So let us call a spade and spade. Whatever said has to be fair, accurate and seen in perspective. Otherwise I can see the reason why some readers see the biases in your blog.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Ubinboy, welcome to the blog.
May I also ask, what is so special about a minister that he should be paid a pension at 55 years and still collect his full pay when the job is still the same?

In the academic world, the expertise is in the head and many can think better with age, experience and wisdom. It is not a labour intensive or physical job that with age things get slower.

A maths teacher at age 65 and one at age 35, are they teaching different things? The supervisory roles and responsibilities come together with the appointment. Is a principal at 65 shouldering lesser responsibilities than one at 40?