Kopitiam Movement

The Americans have their Tea Party Movement to fight for issues that are important to them. Without trying to reinvent the wheel, we may want to call the fight by netizens as a Kopitiam Movement in general, for the good of Singaporeans. There are so many issues that netizens have raised but are scattered all over cyberspace and often lost in time. I would like to sum up a few key issues that a Kopitiam Movement can stand for and to stay the course.

1. To reclaim the rights of the people to decide the size of the population and new citizens.
2. To reclaim the rights of the people to their money in the CPF and Medisave.
3. To reclaim the rights to have a say in how essential services like transport, medical services and education are run for the benefits of citizens.
4. To reclaim the rights to limit the building and sales of properties to foreigners.
5. To reclaim the rights of every citizen to stand for the office of the President.

More missions can be added on to this Movement in the course of time. I will post a window on this blog as a reminder of this Movement and what it is fighting for.

A Kopitiam Movement does not need an official leader like the Wear Black Movement. The Movement is identified by what it stands for and anyone can push for the cause or add new agenda to the cause. It is a Movement without forms but with certain identifiable objectives.


Anonymous said...

Prataman, after 11 years and on the way out, just said that Singaporean people are just making 'noise'.

When the time comes, the immortals may well call the Kopitiam Movement, just 'kopitiam noise' and can be ignored. Now, I can perceptively feel the rising tide of greater arrogance coming out of our immortal beings. Even the deity in the Istana is jumping on the arrogance bandwagon.

I believe this calls for more swinging of votes come 2016.

Anonymous said...

Hhmm...similar to 'Black Sunday' @ Starbucks cafes?

Anonymous said...

Three good men. I think what Singapore needs now is the One Hundred Heroes of 'The Water Margin'

Three good men. An outrageous statement. Singaporeans should read the Chinese novel 'Swee Hu Zhuan' - The Water Margin. These three good men and their ruling clique would remind you of the crue,despotic and oppressive ministers and government officials in an extremely corrupted social and political society of the decadent Song Dynasty. The story will remind you how good men were hounded out of service and how wicked self serving ministers and officials entrenched themselves in power through fraud, deceit and wanton acts of cruelty. As a result of the oppressive ministers and officials of the time there arose one hundred and eight heroes to counter them and thus to save the people and the country. Singapore is at the crossroads now and is desperately in need of the similar one hundred and eight heroes of 'The Water Margin'. The signs are not too bad.Some heroes have since appeared though many were previously hounded out of the country.


Anonymous said...

See a satire related to the America's tea party.


Anonymous said...

What is the point of having a few good men with many lousy adcs; deputies, principal secretaries, administrative officers etc.
And all the good men appear so egoistic and fame seeking.