High falutins in the Green Movement

Saving the world, go green, cut carbon emission etc etc are all barking up the wrong tree. The solution to prevent the destruction of gaia and human life is to stop the relentless and reckless consumption of food and natural resources. The wanton destruction and reproduction of goods to feed the mad consumption pattern of human beans that is growing and growing, is the biggest problem to saving mother earth.

High consumption is primarily the result of high population growth and longetivity. The secondary cause of high consumption is the commercially driven demands for material goods and the hurried production and manufacturing of goods that need not be. It looks extremely good in terms of feeding the economic growth formula but at the same time lighting the fuse to destroy life on earth.

High population growth must be stopped. Has the earth reached its capacity to sustain the 6/7 billion populations, or in its micro aspect, has Singapore reached a population size that it is going to be increasingly difficult to sustain.

The mad economists will tell you that with increased productivity the earth can feed and house more people, GM food, digging deeper for oil, using advanced technology to fish the oceans, just like this island can feed and house more people, maybe 20 million. What kind of life will it be?

Can the alternative of maintaining the present level of production but maintaining or reducing the population lead to a better quality of life, with more for lesser people? If every country is to adopt growth with uncontrolled growing population, the end is sure to come faster for everyone. Is higher income, higher growth, higher population, higher inflation, higher cost of living, and the depletion of the earth’s resources the way to go?


Anonymous said...

Talking about saving the earth and going green is all a load of shit.

The only way to save the earth is to eat less, consume less, waste less and above all, shit less. I mean the kind of shit that comes out of those mouths shouting about saving the environment. Some things that relate to saving the environment are just spouted by people wanting to cash in on the growing craze.

Take the case of converting sugar cane into fuel as a example. The wastage of water in the process does more harm than good to the environment. It is all about making money out of a growing fad. Nothing less.

Anonymous said...

The soulution to green movement is to complain less and take charge.

Anonymous said...

The biggest obstacle to the green movement are the big business conglomerates and MNCs, not individuals. Making money is more important to them than saving the environment.

Using one less plastic bag does not make the slightest difference. Printing tons of fliers, brochures, advertising materials is much more harmful to the environment. Trees are fell, water consumed, ink is needed.

We are really barking up the wrong tree.

Anonymous said...

Forget about green movement, the Earth will be destroyed by mankind before its' destiny is up.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

How destructive and wasteful we have been by scrapping cars that are 10 years old or newer when they can run for another 10 years at least?

How much more destructive when we pull down all the good buildings for en bloc redevelopments?

How many millions of plastic bags must be saved to make up for such destructive ways of life?

Anonymous said...

Just look at how many live are destroyed in wars and homicides and one will realizes how futile and purposeless the Green Movement can serve.
Why not focus on peace and humanities?