Great Britain and London on Fire

The looting and burning in London has England up in flame. Starting at Tottenham, it spread to more than 15 areas in London and now Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and Bristol. The causes, some highlighted the big income divide between the haves and the have nots, some seemed to be getting things for free, and the lost of jobs.

This is almost unheard of in the developed world. Riotings, lootings, breakdown of law and order are associated with third world countries. The events in the Middle East are different as they are politically motivated with foreign forces in play. The events in England are mainly social and economic. The inequalities in society will lead to tension and stress. Don’t pooh pooh away big income gaps as part and parcel of rapid economic progress. It only needs a little spark to tear down everything. Economic inequalities cannot be taken for granted as a necessary evil. They must be addressed when times are good.

For those who are enjoying the richness of their good fortune, they are numbed by their wealth and would not care a dime about what happens in the poorer neighbourhood. To them, it is all due to their cleverness and good fortune to be living in luxury. The poor are in a state due to their own laziness and dullness and ought to be blamed. Can’t be helped.

Let’s pray that the lawlessness in UK will not spread like the Arab Spring to other parts of the world.

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Anonymous said...

When this happens in Middle East or Africa the Westerners will be shouting for a change of rulers as they are always assumed to be politically motivated.

Are the rioters in London rooting for regime change? Of course not, but as I say, if this happens in Middle East or Africa it will be interpreted differently. It will be nothing social and everything political that they can stick it on.

Everything comes with double standards if you leave it to the West to interpret.