A few good dinosaurs

The news of the three $1b dinosaurs has subsided. I think they should be on the way here, nicely packaged to be the biggest attraction on the island, to create the wows and draw in the tourists dollars. If I recalled, the three were a family, or at least from the same specie, two adults and a smaller one.

My main concern then was a place to exhibit them. Think they said they needed a museum or mausoleum that is going to cost a few hundred million, befitting of the size and importance of the three relics. Yes, they will link the new Singaporeans to the past, that we were once living with dinosaurs. There is another moral aspect to these exhibits. No matter how predominant the dinosaurs were in their heydays, they too will become dinosaurs, or relics of the past.

I was suggesting that the dinosaurs be placed on a floating platform in the Marina Bay to save on space. We can’t afford to use up so much space for some relics of the past, no matter how relevant they are to our history. Every inch of land in the island is worth more than its value in gold. We could build more top end structures for sale and earn more dollars, as long as they are not greenbacks.

It just dawns on me that there is an alternative place for the dinosaurs. If only the architects could incorporate the mausoleum into the Istana Park would be great. Keep the park as it is plus the three dinosaurs without wasting more valuable land. The Istana Park should be big enough for the three. To locate them anywhere else would be a waste of land.

And to think of how important the three dinosaurs are to our history, it will not be befitting to locate them somewhere in the wilderness of Jurong or Woodlands or Tekong. There is always a solution to all problems, especially when the mind is fully relaxed on a Sunday morning.


Anonymous said...

"...at least from the same specie, two adults and a smaller one."

Correction - Should be 2 octogenarians and a very tall, old juvenile.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Don't like dat lah: ) Cannot mix dignified and respectable people with dinos and fossils.