A fearful lesson from London

The rioting continues in England and spreading. The police seem to be at a lost or treating the rioters too leniently that the country is turning into a state of anarchy. The underprivileged are taking things in their own hands, to take whatever they want, and at the same time to burn and destroy. They are the underclass in a first world and rich country.

We have our underclass, not so much as the poorer citizens who are really not in such a dire state. What we have in our midst are the half a million foreign workers, maybe more, that are hungry and unpredictable. What if they run amok, and thinking that they could loot and take from our well stocked stores of goodies?

I believe we have contingency plans to deal with such a situation. But it will be very messy. A rampage through Orchard Road is unthinkable. 500,000 hungry workers on the loose are uncontrollable. And many are living with our people, in rental homes. A couple of them running wild can be very destructive too.

Do we believe that the lawlessness will not happen here? Or do we believe that we can handle such a situation? Bringing in the super rich has a different set of problems. Bringing in the poor workers can become a disaster. Can we afford to push our luck and hope that nothing of such a magnitude happens here?

Please don't make our foreign workers angry.


Jack Sparrow said...

Rioting in Spore? thats the funniest thing I've heard in the blog for a long time.

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha aha ha ha aha ha aha ha aha ha...ha ha ha ha...I have fallen over laughing.

Sorry my friend I dont mean to belittle your post, but MIW have been in power for over 50 years because Sporeans are easily intimidated and are not disposed to protest about anything. Sporeans and yes even foreign workers in Spore are not the protesting sort. We are the most bo chap people in the world and foreigners sooner or later imitate us.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Jack Sparrow, welcome to the blog.

You are right in your observation of Singaporeans. You need more than a spur on their sides to get them moving. They have been in a state of stupor for too long. Nothing will move them, and forget about them rioting.

They are even easy punching bags for foreigners.

If there is any rioting, it will come from the foreign workers, young men without a family attached to them.

Anonymous said...

Do not worry, if rioting happens, PAP will call upon the NS guys. Nothing beats a hot-blooded 18 year-old youth controlling a talented mob out to snatch his butter.

Or perhaps they can take the soft approach, send the talented foreign doctors who claim to have been through NS by working in a hospital, to show that foreigners also can rise to the highest echelon of office.

Nothing beats free-riding. After all, Singaporeans and their forefathers are a bunch of useful chaps, pales in comparison to the foreign talent we so need now.

Pity the daft and dumb Singaporean.

Anonymous said...

while sporeans are soporific and sheep, i doubt that foreigners are, esp the ones from china. after all, they are supposed to have spurs in their backsides.

ME rulers also thought their people were sheep. it turns out it's not the case.

we do need a revolution. not one in the streets, but definitely in attitudes and approaches.

Anonymous said...


Don't be surprise that some ex-mainland Chinese or Taiwanese new citizens may start the ball rolling. Unrest starts from a spark, and that spark could well come from a foreign source.

Then that will be 'karma'

Anonymous said...

A large scale revolt will not happen
and Singaporeans will never initiate such a political move.
BUT, never under rate the foreigners taking on their employers. Any company with 50 or more workers from one country could face their wrath with dire consequence. If there is a spark, it could cause a razing inferno.
Foreigners are not as meek as Singaporeans as the recent global uprisings have shown.

Anonymous said...

What are you guys talking about? Foreigners starting revolt here?

Oei, they are more talented than Singaporeans okay according to LKYv2.Why would they do something so stupid.

Unless LKYv2 also mean that they are more talented than Singaporeans in voicing their opinions and literally putting it into action.

Pity the daft and dumb Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Foreigners don't talk, they act. There will be rage, there will be raze and there will be disgrace.

Anonymous said...

How to talk to Singaporeans who speak mostly ingrish?