The Establishment strikes back

The reason for grabbing the 26 sites in Aljunied GRC could be due to the difficulties faced by PA in getting sites for its activities in Hougang. This is the reason reported in the media today. So, to protect its interests, to be able to get sites for its community events, the PA arranged with the HDB to ‘chope’ the sites first.

This has led to an open accusation by the WP that HDB or the PA is abusing their authority. And it looks like WP has all the facts in their favour and may take the next step, to haul the two agencies to court. Unprecedented and unbelieveable. Historically it was always the establishment taking its political opponents to court. Now it is the other way round.

How would this be played out in court and would the WP be victorious in their charges? This may not be that important. It is the publicity in the media of the abuses of authority by govt agencies, if can be proven, that will steal the limelight. And a few heads will roll when they failed in the defence of their actions. And there will be red faces if someone is found to have sanctioned the act or authorized it. Tony Tan said must get to the facts.

This is something that is good coming out of the Presidential race. The pro establishment candidates have to make a stand. And they made their stand for fairness, justice and equality. Tony Tan even called for an investigation to see to it that justice is seen to be done. Cheng Bock said the incident was sad and called for respect for the elected representative of the people. Was there disrespect shown? Who has the audacity to show disrespect to an elected representative of the people? Definitely not any civil servant or community leaders. If there is, then an apology is only appropriate.

Tan Jee Say and Kin Lian too were unhappy that such abuses happened in this way. Both called for a non partisan civil service and to treat all MPs equally and with respect. What is scary is that if there are people who think they can show disrespect to MPs. Hopefully this issue will be put to rest with the PM making a public statement to warn anyone intending to do so. Then there is the possibility of the case going to court and a court punishment, if it can be proven.

Election rivalry and politicking should end after the GE and both sides should close rank to work together, even if their positions are different. Trying to upstage another using unfair tactics is not only unacceptable but a poor reflection of the integrity of any party caught with its pants down.

Would this be the last case of such ugly incident? PA has withdrawn its conditions to prevent opposition MPs from using its leased sites provided the event is non political. As a political student, everything is political, and everything is non political. Would the PA like to clarify on this position? Is a cycling event organized by a political party a political event? Is a seventh moon festival where a MP is invited a political event? When does an event become political?


Anonymous said...

If the Matter goes to Court,
Singaporeans will split
further to more fragments.
DISUNITY is never good for
any society.


Anonymous said...

It must be the WP who started it. Or it could be Chiam in Potong Pasir. Now they are hitting back.

Who is telling the truth? Who started it in the very first place?

Anonymous said...


If this matter did not come out into the open, I think very soon, and very discreetly, the WP MPs may be banned from attending funeral wakes in their own constituency, when permits for funeral wakes also comes under the PA. This is no laughing matter, and is not an unlikely scenario.

In Animal Farm, the ruling animals are, sorry to say the obvious, not human and will punish the hapless sheeples to further their own agenda.

Anonymous said...

This latest incident by PA/HDB does not bode well for the healing of GE-inspired wounds for our nation.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, Chiam must also have started first by using the ISA to detain political opponents. Now they are hitting back.

And Low must have started first by creating GRCs to make it difficult for the PAP to contest. Now they are turning the tables.

And JBJ must have started first by sewing opponents after every GE. Now there are no more communist, trade unionist (real ones hor) and jews left to sue.

Who is telling the truth? Who started most of the gerrymandering nonsense in the first place before and during every GE?

I guess the 60% will agree that it is not the PAP and that they are always at the receiving end of all the nonsense.

None so blind as those who would not see!

Anonymous said...

The establishment can strike back of course, but we are going to see a more divided Singapore.

Locals against foreigners. PAP supporters against opposition supporters. Civil servants, largely seen as politically bias and beholden to the Government detested by citizens, so much so that they are reminding Singaporeans not to be rude to civil servants. What a difference compared to the early years when mutual respect was the norm.

Community centres and clubs which are supposed to help create unity among citizens have all along been used for partisan political purposes on the pretext of being non political in nature.

How can the call for Singaporeans to be united be heeded? Pray, tell me.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Can, all join PAP.

Anonymous said...

Santa Maria!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

: )

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The WP must push this case all the way, to the courts. This will reveal the thinking process and who is making all these decisions.

Also, it will provide a judgement and a precedent as to who and how far can the ministries/stat boards go about leasing the properties and who should rightly be managing the properties for the good of the people.