The EP election is over

The election is over, let’s move on. That’s my thought. Afterall, nothing changes, nothing new can be expected from the EP except more of the same until they change the roles of the EP provided in the Constitutions. We can see more charity shows, more kissing of children and more walking in the Istana Park. Just read in the paper that Tony wanted to lend his expertise in fund management to the govt!

I think everyone is still hot about this election and I shall just add in a few comments. From the beginning this was an interesting election. The candidates, four of them and their eligibilities to even run in the election were full of controversies. Even pushing out Tony Tan from his comfort zones in GIC and SPH must have raised eyebrows.

The results of the election will be carefully studied by the political parties. One corner is claiming great victory as the 70% for Tony and Cheng Bock is now claimed as endorsement for the PAP. Is that so? Isn’t Cheng Bock a reject from the PAP camp, a rebel who shocked the PAP by announcing his candidacy? And the PAP could not risk a George Yeo and had to push out its biggest gun to face Cheng Bock.

The 35% for Tony and the 30% for both Jee Say and Kin Lian could be standard distribution of the hard core supporters of the pro and anti PAP camps. These voters are permanent features in any election and can be counted upon without much effort.

What is important is the middle ground. In this case Cheng Bock was the biggest beneficiary. The middle ground stood their ground and the popular vote for Tony plunged to 35%, much less than Teng Cheong’s, and much lesser than the 60% PAP won during the GE. Would these be telling signs of a slide in support for the PAP camp? No, say the ardent PAP analysts. The PAP got 70%. Sure, and be happy and crow about it.

There are many could be’s and should be’s. Many regretted that without the four corner fights there would see a very different picture and a very different President. No one shall blame any of the candidates. It is the right of every citizen, and an honour, to run for the Presidency. There were also attempts to work out a strategy and preventing a split vote situation. I think Kin Lian knew of his chances early and wanted to withdraw by sending out signals to the other candidates. His gestures were turned down as no one wanted even to talk.

Nothing is lost except that the picture of the future is forming and getting clearer. The future of change is in the GE in 2016 and not in this EP election. If Tony did not win, what could happen is a dud Presidency that will be ignored by the govt. There will be noises generated, heat, but no real progress.

The citizens that are looking for change must look at the GE and make it count this time. The PAP’s strength or weakness is exposed, all 35% of it. The middle ground will not be easily won and if the PAP is going to take them for granted, that the 35% for Cheng Bock is also for PAP, it will be interesting comes 2016. For, if the PAP really believes in this, you can expect what the follow through policies in the next few years will be like.
The battle ground is set and the pieces are being placed. Let’s move on.

PS. Put the ears on the ground. Listen to the oohs and aahs, the rumble and regrets. That is what many of the concerned citizens are saying.


notanotherspinstory said...

PAP trying to save face, claiming 35% for TCB is for PAP also.
In actual fact that 35% for TCB is part PAP and part middle ground and part opposition.

PAP should ask themselves if their continued branding of elitist policies are really effective. They should reform and truly put Singaporeans first and win back the middle ground. Right now we know that's mere lip service.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Agree. There were talks of a tussle between the elite and non elite within the PAP.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The is so precarious. If all the overseas Singaporeans were to vote. If only one other candidate were to back out. If....

These are important signs of things to come.

Anonymous said...

Cannot believe that candidates living in huge bungalows and driving limousines are not elites.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

even scholars in the govt there are at least 7 to 8 grades depending on what kind of scholarship one gets.

Cheng Bock is not one of the creme ala creme scholars. He was defiance in his early days so did not make it to a minister.

Cheng Bock is at best a leader of the grassroot converts in the party and there are plenty of these grassroots in the party. Cheng Bock will not fit into the category to think he is there to tell people to get out of his elite uncaring face.

The PAP grassroots feel closer to him than the elite.

Anonymous said...

In Parliament, if you always 'cheng' (punch in Teochew) or the English educated call 'box', you are a thorn in the side of the Ogre. Just look at Ong Teng Cheong when he was the EP. Digging in his own backyard also a no no.

How can Cheng Bock be a minister? You must always be yes-men to go far. Or else must be part of the familee.

Anonymous said...

Those wishing that 60:40 in favour of PAP takes a turn to favour the non PAP, here it is...PAP 35% Non PAP 65%.