An embarrassing moment repeating?

The likeable George Yeo could not imagine that he could be bundled out of a general election. Frankly, I too was surprised by his defeat and the losing of 5 super talents in one go. On reflection, none of them should take it personally as the defeat was not their fault. There was a change of wind. The defeat was a defeat of the PAP. Too much, too long, the PAP has overstayed its welcome and the people were looking for a change.

There was resentment too. The policies of the past decade have alienated the people to a point that the anger must be released. And George Yeo and his team were the unfortunate scapegoat. Nothing personal.

The present election for the EP could see another embarrassing moment being repeated. The possibilility of Tony Tan losing the election is very high despite all the endorsements from all corners appearing in the media. Endorsements by office bearers and committees are different from the feelings of the rank and file. The elite will think differently and may want to sit in the same table and sing the same song. The masses, the ordinary people, may have a mind of their own and want to do their own thing.

Don’t be surprised if Tony Tan did not make it to the Istana. What if he loses his deposit? That will be terribly embarrassing. But again, it has nothing to do with him. The vote against him is likely to be a vote against the ruling party. For the moment Tony is the front runner with endorsements from every where. He is having a good start.

Strange for me to look at the Presidential Election in this manner as it is not meant to be partisan or political while my whole reasoning is about politics, nothing but politics.


Anonymous said...

Funny thing is they can come out to say the EP is above politics when the masses beg to differ.

That surely says a lot about the gulf between the rulers and the ruled.

The reality is they still believe what they think is good for us must be good. What we think is good for us is just noise in the making.

Anonymous said...

Funny isn't it. To think that TT has all the backing of Clans, Federations, Unions, Clusters and all , but they can't out-support the small group of jeerers and hecklers? So the thousands of minions are nothing but just robots with flags and banners, shuttled to/fro in their air-con bus. That's the difference between the elites vs the ground. Who's divorced from reality? We'll know..come 27 Aug

Anonymous said...

It will not surprise Singaporeans if tony tan gets booted out.
As Singaporeans had seen and heard for themselves tt was booed on Nomination Day itself. It shows how much anger this man has generated amongst the people.

There is also absolutely no reason to vote in an ex or past PAP Member into the PAP Cabinet.

Any Alternative Voice will be better than any echo.

Charlie Chew said...

I dont think this so called wind of change, in Singapore includes the willingness to vote for anyone. The electorate are not angry enough to vote in massive numbers for the other political parties, except for the workers party. Hence CST's defeat in TP and the loss at PP. There is anger out there but it has not reached a wholesale tipping point.

The complication in the EP elections is the wide cross section of the dissident vote which will be channeled through Kin Lian, Jee Say and Cheng Bock. Given such a situation TT may get the necessary votes to be the next EP. It is unlikely, though not impossible, for ONE of the other three Tans to win the hearts and minds of the people during the campaign and to thus win the election.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Charlie, welcome to the blog.

Yes there are unhappiness but not to the extent that the people will go to the streets. What is troubling and startling is that many things look so farcical. It is unbelieveable to hear the kind of reasonings and justifications and explanations on so many things that if one is to accept them blindly, it only proves one thing, the people are really daft.

All the hypocrisies and nonsenses are staring in the faces of the people for the people to spit at them. That is the development today.

This EP is anyone's game at the moment.

Anonymous said...

If this embarrassing moment were to repeat itself, it just show how wide a gulf the disconnect between govt and the ground.

Lightning strikes twice at the MIW (take it as warning #2!)

Anonymous said...

Anger is built up over a period of time. Sudden anger is short lived. Anger built up over a long time is difficult to diffuse with just a few words of apology.

My feeling is that the rulers still do not get it. And time will tell.

Anonymous said...

The learned and intellectual in cyberspace contrast very greatly with the masses of ah sims and ahpeks(aunties/uncles).
The Latter tends to like and love cuties like Tin Peiling and Chan Chunsing whereas the Former scorns them(TPL/CCS).
Many naive Singaporeans are entertained by the cute cap worn by tony tan on Nomination Day whereas serious voters are put-off by the childish disposition.
Formally, the Sin President is not much different from a paper tiger no matter how big its' mouth.