Dr Patrick Tan – A bigger issue at stake

The public scrutiny of Tony Tan and Patrick Tan has led to a bigger issue, the integrity of the system as a whole, particularly Mindef. A doubt has been created in the minds of the public and all NS men and their families are feeling very uneasy. It is very important that this be led to rest quickly before the election of the President takes place.

No matter what Tony Tan and Patrick Tan said, no matter what Mindef tries to explain, there will be all kinds of innuendoes and perceptions, rightly or wrongly. The longer this issue is dragged on, the more perplex it will become and wild imaginations in the minds of the people can be expected.

What I think would be a better way to clarify this confusion, which is not going to do good to Tony and Mindef, is to state clearly the milestones of Patrick’s scholarship, deferment, enlistment and reservist training, including ICTs and IPPTs. List the events and dates clearly and let the people see for themselves and make their decisions based on facts. Mindef can include some explanations along the way to clarify on why the decisions were made and the policies of the day.

I think this should be QED to clear the air.


Anonymous said...

Your article summarizes the thoughts of a lot of "politically neutral" Singaporeans who are non-scholars and non-elites and non-rich.

The question now is "Why are we still waiting for an answer?"

Hmmm. Imagination starting to go into overdrive.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ha, I am the personification of an average Singaporean. I can feel how they feel and my thoughts resonate with theirs: )

Anonymous said...

Before the proliferation of the internet, this matter would probably have been conveniently swept under the carpet with the co-operation of the tripartite MSM, Mindef and the perpetrators.

Unfortunately, in today's context, it is not just going to be just the past and going to die a natural death by not being addressed.

With every family touched by the issue, this is not just about TT and son. It is a national issue of public interest.

We were all deemed daft at one time, some still want to be daft at present, but not all are going to remain daft in future.

Anonymous said...

Daft Singaporeans opening the Closet and getting scared by the worms crawling in it and repel by the stench emanating from there.
The wise thing to do is to discard the Cabinet altogether by any mean.