China’s new toy

China just rolled out its aircraft carrier for a sea trial. Its spokesman told the press that the ship is for training and research. The US has 11 aircraft carriers fully operational for decades. And it is in a state of confusion at the sight of the single non operational Chinese aircraft carrier. It does not know what the Chinese aircraft carrier is for and is asking the Chinese to explain. It also said any explanation would be good enough, just tell them.

The Chinese spokesman’s official press statement that the carrier is for training and research seems to miss the Americans. Maybe when he spoke in Chinese the Americans thought it was a coded message and trying to decode them and this will take time to read.

What I think is that the Chinese are seeing the Americans having fun with their 11 aircraft carriers and thought it would be fun too to have a few. And they could then fly their spy planes along the American coasts like what the Americans are doing along the Chinese coasts. Then both countries would have fun playing ball. Won’t the Americans love that, to play ball with the Chinese along American coasts?

Now why did the Chinese want to build aircraft carriers? I am getting as dumb as the Americans. I just cannot figure out why. Maybe I should ask the Chinese also and any answer will do.


The said...

If I were the Chinese, I would reply to the US as follow: "For the same reason that you are having those 11 thingies, only that I am having 1 small non-operational one. BTW, why do you have aircraft carriers and why do you need 11 of them?"

Anonymous said...

Aircraft carrier is like the good old battleship and will be sitting duck in today's warfare. Submarine, especially those nuclear powered that can hide for months or even years (if the human crews can tolerate) will be the decisive weapons in war today. Aircraft carrier will be good for show of power. Never mind USA has 11 of these for show, how could USA today wage war for its huge debt? To cut budget to reduce debt, USA will have to cut arm forces that means soon USA will retire its 11 aircraft carriers or just maintain a few to balance what China will be having.

Anonymous said...

China should just ignore the irrelevant mischievous insidious noise from US, Japan and other Western countries. China should implement a ten year crash programme to build at least six to eight nuclear powered aircraft carriers so as to help maintain peace and security for both China and the world. US may appreciate if China can likewise send these toys to the East Coast and West Coast of America so that Chinese naval personnels may do likewise what US has been doing along China's coast and that is to admire at close range the beautiful things that CIA and the Pentagon are playing in their home ground. Any way China must only go forward from now onwards otherwise her peace and security of her territotial land and seas will be compromised.


Anonymous said...

Wow,you guys love the Communist China so much

No wonder our Mr LKY said PAP shared historical root with Communist Party of China

Anonymous said...

It is not love of Communist China, but rather the double standards applied in everything that relates to the West and China that makes people hate the hypocrisy behind all that posturing by the West and the US.

Why must one country dictate while everyone must follow? Why doesn't the one that dictates follow the rules that they set for others?

They just have one agenda and that is to dominate and to do that they must deny others from acquiring or producing those weapons that they possess.

Meanwhile, by doing that, the US is also making sure that their weapons industry, which is the last bastion of their economic production, which they depend on in a very large part, does not go the way of their other sunset industries.

Anonymous said...

Personally,I would prefer the double standards of USA and not the SINGLE standard of Communist China which is greatly admired by our LKY as the way forward.

Anonymous said...

Wow, some guys love the US so much.

Worshipping white masters is never a passing fad.

Anonymous said...

We have been sitting ducks too long, it is about time singapore have its aircraft carriers and ICBMs

Anonymous said...

Yes,indeed great that one can eagerly look forward with delight to the days when Communist China is the SOLE SUPER POWER OF THE WORLD,with the likes of Castro,Mugabee,Then Shew ,the mass murderers as the best of friends.
Good luck to you,yes indeed the day is coming real soon,with Uncle Sam going bankrupt and penniless soon.
Celebrate the mandate from heaven as the gospel truth.
In that sense,our great leader was right all along.
Cheers,have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Singapore must have aircraft carriers and ICBMs. Then some of our neighbours will follow suit.

But, one little problem. Other countries are big enough to survive one or two nuclear bombs. Red Dot, will just disappear into oblivion from one nuclear strike, so I wonder how much use is that aircraft carrier when the dot just disappears from the map.

Anonymous said...


Mass murderers? I guess some are legalised mass murderers and some are not. Who were the ones doing the mass killings of millions of innocent Afghans and Iraqis?

The trouble is that the biggest mass murderers are those that can and have gotten away after committing those mass murders in the name of restoring democracy and sanctioned by the UN.

Anonymous said...

Well, whoever is in-charge (i.e the superpower) will always do things their way. Doesn't matter if it's Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great, USA, or China. The bottomline is they'll only take care of themselves and force everyone to do things to suit them. Ten, twenty years from now when whichever country is in power, I can assure you that we (if we're still alive then) will not be liking it one bit and start drawing parallels to how they are the same as the US. Just because we are the same ethnically doesn't mean we get to share in the spoils.

Anonymous said...

Agree,but my dislike of COMMUNIST Party of China,due to personal experience, may have clouded my vision.
The Super Power likes to have its way,but I am certainly not looking forward to the days when Communist Party of China is the Sole Super Power.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Mass murderers? Who is the mass murderer? Some one like to ask the...

Red Indians, who is the mass murderer?
Africans, who is the mass murderer?
Arabs, who is the mass murderer?
Indians, Who is the mass murderer?
The loser of the WW2, the Japanese, who is the mass murderer?
Oh, the Jews, who is the mass murderer?

You may also want to ask the Indonesians, the Filipinos and the Latin Americans, the Mexicans...

Must be Communist China who did it. Right?

Anonymous said...

ိDear Redbean

Thank you for your question.

To attempt to answer your question,probably we need to go back to the day when Adam and Eve were created by GOD.

Peace,to which his own

Anonymous said...

Redbean, you forgot to ask the Vietnamese, hor.

Anonymous said...

Redbean, you also forgot to ask the Aborigines of Australia leh.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

When the white gods killed, it is normal, nothing wrong, no guilt. And they can go on killing and killng and be praised for being peace loving and the protector of human rights.

The inhumans don't have any rights, even to live.

Anonymous said...

Many people cannot see the Americans killing other people or pretend that there is no such things. Some have no qualms about killing Arabs.

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