30,000 0r 8,000, who is bluffing?

The media reported that 8,000 people attended Tan Jee Say’s rally last night at Toa Payoh. The social media reported that the crowd was at least 30,000 strong, with pictures to show. Between 30,000 and 8,000, a simple estimate can be made by a quick glance as the difference is vast.

Claiming 8,000 as 30,000 or 30,000 as 8,000 is simply idiotic and unbecoming. Someone’s integrity is at stake.


Anonymous said...

How big the crowd was is not important.
What is important is that
OF HIS/HER MASTER but talks like
he is damn important, powerful and
even a saviour of Sin.


Anonymous said...

How big the crowd was is not important.
What is important is that
OF HIS/HER MASTER but talks like
he is damn important, powerful and
even a saviour of Sin.


Anonymous said...

8000 or 30000, the truth shall prevails for those who have NOTHING to hide !

Anonymous said...

Let it be.

They used to sneer at the crowds at WP's rallies in the past. They said that the crowds will not translate into votes and that Singaporeans are there just for a show. The ate their own words in Aljunied GRC in GE2011.

Now, just let them report only 8000, it does not change the reality. The social media will take care of that. Some facts cannot be bluff away just because the beholden MSM said so. Whether they report the truth or not, the truth is going to hurt whether they managed to cover it up or not.

JeffGoh said...

Reporting on the size of the crowd is equally important. It expose the propaganda diarrhoea of the MSM. Soon not many will believe in the MSM, their credibility will be lost, if not already.

The MSM is one of the most important component of the propaganda machine. Without it the "powers" will be as helpless as citizens.

Anonymous said...

How many reporters, journalists, editors and staff of the media are willing to compromise their own integrity and credibility to put up false news?

Anonymous said...

News can be 'selectively' true, but factually misleading.

Highlighting the good and suppressing the bad news about the Government is also not reporting false news. But the bias can be subtle or glaring. In this case, there is no way they can subdue the reality.

It is up to citizens to look for the missing truth in cyberspace and make their own judgement.

That is the wonderful part about the internet.

Anonymous said...

The truth is someone in the middle. More than 8k and less than 30k. Both are equally guity. The Internet is sometime overconfident with opposition support, as can be seen by past elections. In short, 30k is an exaggeration as well.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

According to eyewitnesses, at least 20k, and a very conservative estimate.

Majid Ali said...

Please help me for Christ sake

Anonymous said...

I was there last night until 2100 hrs. Had to leave before TJS speaks due to an appointment. I estimate it was around 20K at that juncture. As I was leaving, there were still people entering the stadium.

I must say the crowd was not as big as the WP rally but definately at least twice of 8K.

Anonymous said...

Was there.
Estimate at 20,000 people as the stadium is about 3/4 full.

I will use your blog for my latest probability winner odds:

TT losing groung to TCB among PAP voters. TCB also getting a bit more fence sitter votes due to latest moderate views on AHTC. Earlier he lost some votes for Istana & merging govt self-help organs.

TT 50% of 60% (PAP last EL) =30% drop from previous 36%
TCB 45% of 60% plus 15% of 40% = 33% improving his odds from mid 20s
TJS 3% of 60% plus 75% of 40% = 31.8% maintaining with slight improvement.
TKL 2% of 60% plus 10% of 40% = 5.2% droping further from contention.

TKL weak delivery plus look resulted in clearly being out of race. He looked to lose deposits.

TJS strengthen hold of majority alternative votes, but finding hard to gain more fence sitter voters because of MSM bias coverage.
Though I will still give my vote to him. He needs to find new momentum and help on the ground.

TT maybe losing more ground as new news about him and family surface, the latest "condo-gate". He already had problems of Patrick white horse & GIC loss & conflict of interest checking GIC issues.

For now it is still any of the three: TT, TCB & TJS.

If trend continues it looks like between TCB & TJS with TCB having a slight edge now.

Keep your feet on the ground and appreciate the sky, as the race goes on.

Will give update tommorrow afternoon. Regards & good night to Redbean & friends.

Anonymous said...

TCB very well prepared logistically.
Every household receives a note from him. His people are in Raffles Place giving out his notes.

TJS logistics need to step-up further.
Instead of getting polling agents. Get help to distribute pamplets in city and all towns. Time is running out.

Anonymous said...

Good reading of ground from Anon 9.24.

Desperation is obviously setting in for TT. Now even hoping to improve backing by highlighting support from SMEs and resorting to fear by SBA about investors looking at voters choice.

Hehehe, if investors are really so fickle minded, they must be dumb since anyone of them can be a better choice than the incumbent. In any case investors must have already known that the EP is a lame duck President, who is still literally forced to rely on the Cabinet for direction. So, what difference can he make?

Anonymous said...

My, even bitter gourd from Mediacorp has been roped in to lend support to TT. She is not even a popular personality by any stretch of the imagination. I guess even adulterer Jack would have been there had he not been ostracized earlier.

Hahahaha....signs of real desperation!

Anonymous said...

Plese bear with me for this unrelated(to this thred) post.

Me was denied access by temasekreviewemeritus, anyone here similarly affected? Please share.


majadito lee said...

On polling day, there will be a surge for TT. And he will probably win, maybe by a whisker.

He will get lots of support from the silent, the easily intimidated, the unthinking and apathetic majority.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Yes, the race can be closed. It is not a walkover despite all the endorsement.

I heard Tony talking about the huge problems in the financial world and the stock markets. Many investors are crying out loud that the system is unfair with the big funds having a licence to loot.

Hundreds of millions have been lost by the small traders because of the system. Does Tony Tan see anything wrong with the system? Does he see any conflicts of interests in how the SGX is operatiing the stock market?

Those who are not happy with the system should throw the question at him and see what he has to say. And if he is elected, make him look into it now that all the presidential hopefuls are talking about justice and fair play.

Tony claims to have a good financial mind and a good feel of the financial world. Does he feel anything with what is happening in the stockmarket? Or he doesn't know?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi anon 9:24. Your computation is based on a 60/40 voting pattern.

My take is that the pro and against PAP vote is 50/50 this time round. If this takes place, the change in favour of Jee Say will be more significant.

Anonymous said...

I and my family definitely will not vote TT for obvious conflict of interests issue, and his rich man life experience as President. However, TT cannot solve small traders losing money to big traders like Soros or computer high frequency big traders. SGX also cannot help. Let's be fair to him.

No one force anyone to participate. Small traders participate willingly and make their own trading decisions. Must take ownership of their decisions.

If they are wise they should realize that the probablity is against them and avoid because:
1. their capital is low
2. their investment in technology is minimal
3. their experience and skills are limited
4. they are taught by journalista and half-baked "fees collecting" gurus.
They should not trade.
But instead wait and invest in shares when there is a deep recession, major crisis, etc.
High productivity with minimal work.
But requires patience, disciple, preparation and strong psychology.
Few have these traits.
So better be contented.
Trading is an expensive game to find out who you are (your weaknesses). Many, many had eaten this bitter pill.
Cheers & good day.

Anonymous said...

EP probability update:

TT losing more ground. 3 sons NS in white horse or clerical roles news putting pressure.
MSM and big towkays endorsements not working with man in street.

TJB is major beneficiary. Tech savvy coverage & hardworking supporters had covered Singapore. He is now in lead and breaking away. Moderate image is appealing to fence sitters from both sides of the fence.

TJS is maintaining status quo and is second. Momentum is stalling. Voices branding him with CSJ or SDP or opposition is not helping with fence sitters.

TKL putting up last day(s) intense efforts, managed to pick up a bit of votes from dismay situation.

TT 40% of 60% = 24% down further from 30%.
TCB 50% of 60% plus 20% of 40% = 38%.
TJS 3% of 60% plus 72% of 40% = 30.6%
TKL 7% of 60% plus 8% of 40% = 7.4%

TT & TJS are very close 2nd place.

Be ready for a President Tan Cheng Bock, as it stands now.
It is 2nd price both to PAP and Alternative voices supporters (like me).
Middle of the Road are gaining.
So far very good election & race.
Can be an acceptable result.
Important is whoever is President serves Singaporeans' interests foremost, without fear or favor to the ruling party or other alternative politicians with better transparency and accountability.
Make peace and reach out after this PE & move forward.

However we never know, surprises can come?

Anonymous said...

PE probability further update & commentary:
TCB is concluding his campaign with a master stroke at EXPO, by getting ordinary people who know him to talk. This is simply brillant.

TJS should bear in mind. Having opposition politicians on stage can be an overall negative for "an opposition candidate" for PE. This is a tactical mistake.

Never mind, failure is the mother of success. Study carefully, prepare the resources, strategize and apply the right tactics next time.

If TT lose, this is a clear message that Singaporeans want a more independent candidate and also whose family members had not unfairly gained from the system whether intentionally or unintentionally because of bootlickers.

To become an elected President, you need to be quite eloquent, and also savvy with social media.