When the right ball does not know what left ball is talking

When this happens, someone can go on screwing everyone. Ok, kopitiams and hawker stalls, do not anyhow raise your price, it will lead to higher cost of living. Inflation is the most dangerous beast lurking in our midst. The worst bugbear is housing. Look at the lovely prices in the sky and all the happy developers and speculators, and HDB owners! Now who is aiding the high prices? Would the hike in worker’s levy raise the cost of housing? Maybe not. Who knows, nobody I think. It is very difficult to understand building and construction cost when no numbers are available. Will the hike in redevelopment fees for properties raise property prices? Definitely no. There are unrelated, two different things. The high cost of housing is imported, imported together with foreigners coming here to work and to be residents. And also the high cost of materials, definitely beyond our control. I am still trying to figure out why property price is still rising. Maybe I am really dumb. After so long still unable to find out why.


Anonymous said...

You need not know why, neither do i or any other Singaporeans. So long as Singaporeans are blind to what's happening in the Middle East and soon many other places as well, we are destined to be screwed by our own people just liked victims elsewhere.

No people anywhere want violences; uprising, revolution and other turmoils to solve social and political problems. BUT, somehow the leaderships of many a nation created them due to the greeds for powers and wealths and there we see unnecessary killings and destructions. Are the people not culpable for such developments? They definitely are, for been numb, dumb and selfish.

Just be prepared to accept it when it's our turn, we make our destiny though we never want it to be fated
this way.


Anonymous said...

sorry to post this, unrelated to the subject. as a Sporean national and senior citizen, i find it very disturbing to see the flouting of the "reserved seats" on our MRT trains, by both locals and foreigners. They have no qualm in plonking on the seats even when there are elderly people, little children standing precacioulsy right in front of them. The MRT operators must put a stop to this right away. Otherwise, it is a mockery to put up that sign. Where are the inspectors they are loudly proclaimed to be deployed for enforcing the compliance of the "reserved seats". it is very rare to see them nowadays, if at all.

Wally Buffet said...

The high prices is due mainly to greed and speculation although questionable policy decisions is the main catalyst.

Don't worry Mr. Bean. These greedy bastards will have their day of reckoning which is not very far off according to my crystal ball.

Although I don't travel by public transport much, I have to agree that rules regarding its usage are rarely enforced. The people who are supposed to inspect and enforce are probably having their afternoon tea somewhere or maybe a quickie one at Geylang.

I am thinking of using my umbrella to whack any local young and able Sinkapoorean or foreign trash with my Giordano umbrella if I find them not giving up their seats to a frail old man like me who can hardly stand for more than 15 minutes without feeling faint. The foreign trash would get a harder whack for all the troubles that they have cost to our unlucky citizens.

When that happens, I hope the courts will look at my case with compassion and understanding and let me off with a warning not to use my umbrella to vent my frustration.

Hehe. :o)

Matilah_Singapura said...

Singapore property is a "safe haven" akin to precious metals. However owning precious metals doesn't have an income stream or utility. At least if you won an expensive home in S'pore you can either live in in and party with hookers and blow, or rent it out to expats who will party with hookers and blow.

Prices are rising simply because there is consistent demand fro S'pore property -- an already scarce, uninflatable, stable resource.

Plus you can get finance at 1.6%...as opposed to say 8.5% in Australia.

Wally Buffet said...

All the poor old retirees are actually financing the property speculators and the foreign investors with cheap Sinkapoore dollars when they save and get less than 1% in their bank accounts.

This is the kind of monetary policy that works against honest simple folks.

Controlling inflation with currency adjustments against a so called "basket of currencies" instead of interest rate increases like what good ole Glenn Stevens is doing is to say the least, disappointingly pro inflationary.

When the Ang Mohs and the Indians and the Chinese are done with us, you wished you never bought that condo which insn't a real home but a pigeon hole suspended in the sky and on a lease.

There ain't nothing like Australian or NZ properties. Perpetually yours and you can pluck grapes from the vines at your doorway like what my friend does every morning when he collects his daily newspaper.

Hehe. :o)

Anonymous said...

The blardy properties in Sin only benefit the local and alien filthy rich and corrupted powerful. One pigeon hole will enslave a few members in a single family, whereas the wealthy can buy them to make money or use them as holiday bungalows; fucking sick society.

And the property price in Sin will not fall until the population hits more than 8 million or unrests take place whichever is earlier.


Anonymous said...

Exactly Patriot!

But since control will always be in the hands of the rich and powerful, Singaporeans will indeed continue to be enslaved for generations.

You know, when opposition Low argued for a reduction in GST, they came back with the same old stand that GST is helping the poor. Their argument is always that the higher income paid more GST than the lower income is a load of shit. How does paying more GST by the wealthy help the poor when all GST payments go to the Government coffers? It really figures that our MPs are totally out of touch with the ground.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anon 4:23PM;

thank You much for the rejoinder.

The alibi(stand-in/make-up reason) that the increased GST was meant to help the poor was nothing but pure nonsense. Much has been explained in blogs on how the imbecile reason offered was absolutely hogwash.

The Leaders take Singaporeans as morons not knowing that they made themselves appeared to be educated rascals that are far from being enlightened people instead. Certainly being educated and being enlightened are two separate issues.

Me would say that unfortunately the people are not totally blameless, many are easily bought over with a little freebies, especially the older ladyfolks. They are full of praises of the leaders each time they are given a few dollars. It really fit into the Chinese Saying 'fu ren zi jian'(literally-inferior, low quality understandings).

Much of our younger male Singaporeans, those below 40s, on the other hand are apathetic to political and social developments due to the social engineering by our leaders since they took over from the British. On the other hand, they're caught in the rat race and material pursuits. Many have become self centred and whence they become leaders, self-serving.

Having said the above, me would like to say retribution never fails to work. Now, we get to see how despots and tyrants being overthrown, how these nimcompoops destroyed their nations. Many also destroyed their own families in the end.

Here in Sin, we get to see and hear swears and curses at our very own political leaders and as each day passes, they become louder and more vicious. Are they asking for it? Are they deserving it? The Answer is obvious.


agongkia said...

anon 9.51
I just want to share my thinking with you.
I only take public transport on special circumstances .I never dare to occupy any seat even it is vacant.This is because many Singaporean like to take photo and shame someone sitting whenever someone pregnant,elderly or children are standing around,thus may give other the impression that I may be inconsiderate.I never sit to avoid that unnecessary shame.
However we have to be gracious and understanding.Not everyone who looks young are fit.
I look young but no one will know that my "yeochee bolart".My legs are weak and suffer backache when I stand too long.
We should always put ourself in another's shoe.
I am strongly against the idea of having reserve seats.Giving way to the less privilege should be taught in school and should be done automatically,naturally and voluntarily .It is already a failure to have a need to have sign to tell commuter to do so.And you need enforcers to enforce on such matters?
But I agree with you that those who are fit should always give way to the less privilege.

agongkia said...

and Wally,you definitely cannot claim to be a frail old man with your in and out of Lijiang record.
As for me,if I am frail and weak while travelling ,I will just lie on the floor in the train.There is sign to say no smoking,no eating etc but no rule to say that I cannot lie down.Any one with miniskirt standing besides me do it their own risk.