Unrest in ME, China and Russia at risk?

This is the way western analysts are thinking and hoping everyday. Tomorrow if there is a health epidemic, a financial meltdown, and industrial or manufacturing mishap, it will be China and Russia or any other country except the US and Europe that will be next in line. These silly no hopers are praying and praying everyday to see the demise of Russia and China but forgetting that the next big collapse could be the US and Europe. The US is all ripe for a revolution with the income gap widening, the middle class becoming poor and beggars, and a national debt that they may not be able to repay short of turning the greenbacks into banana currency. They are still trying to keep the lid close and hoping for a miracle. The whole can of worm could splash out tomorrow and the US could be the beggar overnight. And Europe with several countries already in the critically ill list, and many more to go but not yet disclosed. As long as Russia and China can keep on feeding its people well and improving their standard of living, the West can keep on hoping and praying for their downfall. But before their prayers are answered, the West could have gone to the rubbish dump of history first. All Empires will have to call it a day. The West is no exception. The revolution in the ME is a revolution not only against dictators but a revolution against corruption and poverty, and against Western domination. When the West loses its grip on the ME and its oil, they will come tumbling down like a house of cards.


Wally Buffet said...

I smell a rat.

All the middle eastern countries now in chaos are staunch allies of the West.

Maybe you know who has found a way to destabilise the region without the suicide squad.

While you may be right about the US and a big portion of Europe going down first, you cannot deny that the world economy is now very closely intertwined and any upheaval will have a rippling effect on the Chinese economy.

Don't know when you were last in China but if you have been there recently, the magnificient edifices are cosmetics masking the tide of discontent especially in housing and jobs.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Over spending on housing is cancerous. It is an unproductive asset best only for living. When it becomes a speculative gambling chip, and a lot of debt is being piled up on those assets which they called unperforming loans. It is a bomb waiting to be detonated.

The Chinese are seeing the danger and trying to cope with it. The stupid ones are happily and merrily going along, even encouraging property and home speculation. When one's home is on the gambling table one can become homeless.

The Chinese is one step ahead by recognising and acknowledging the problem. The Americans don't even see or acknowledge their problem or refuse to see them.

Anonymous said...

No apology that me has a slight difference in view here. The Middle Eastern Countries ARE BY AND LARGE ANTI AMERICA though the Regimes are surviving with the US Backing and Propping. The Arabs are dead set against Israel and the US is the staunchest ally of Israel, there can be no compromise between the Arab People and the Israelis.

Historically, the Middle Eastern Culture has always been feudal and monarchy with some powerful rulers lording over the masses. Such practice were the norm in the past, however, with the US touting Democracy as the only wholesome ideology, couple with the advent of the Internet, the Middle Eastern People are goaded by the US to rise against their lords. They want freedom as defined in the Democratic System.

Some Russian vassal states have got their autonomies and independences not long ago and some are still struggling to go free. As for China, there will be chaos within as had happened for thousands of years. Only Tibet, Xinjiang will probably want to wrangle free but it will be hard for them to succeed, even if there are internal strifes in China.

Like to add that there are some who think that with US doing all the instigations, China's neighbours may take on China militarily. This, in my opinion is unlikely in the foreseeable future.

Me does feel that some protestations may happen in the US with no mass uprising, but the Americans will use the Democratic process to dismiss some state governors and if the Federal Government is not up to par, will be removed as well. Before anything happens, there will be more shootings amongst the Americans themselves and terrorists will take opportunities to exact damages in the US Homeland whenever they can.

The US will provide much entertainments, more than It has ever provided in the past. The more shits it stirs elsewhere, the more dramas Its' Homeland will give to the rest of the World.


Anonymous said...

I tend to have the same sense of smell as Wally concerning the sudden upsurge of chaos in the Middle East.

Historically, allies can turn to become bitter enemies and vice versa, as past events have shown, particularly between Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan in relation to the US. So, the role of the US is not whether the Middle Eastern countries are long time enemies or allies. The important thing is to stir the shit pool, resulting in a fragmented Middle East torn by internal strife.

That will be the ideal situation for better control of the oil, now that their involvement in Iraq is said to be winding down. The need to stay put to look after their oil interest is paramount and what better reason than to create chaos.

Anonymous said...

I think the Chinese and Russians have gone through that phase. The fortunate part is that the unrest in these two countries have been put down with tight control of outside troublemakers being given free rein.

Why do the Myanmar authorities keep such a tight control on foreigners? The danger is not the fear of its own people stirring up trouble, but outsiders pouring oil on troubled waters and fueling revolts.

Matilah_Singapura said...

It's not as simple as being anti west or pr east or whatever. You guys are hunting at shadows.

The tipping point on the lack of freedom thing in the ME is the inflation.

same is going to happen in China and Russia, perhaps India too.

People are willing to put up with the most ridiculous dictatorships as long as they can survive.

But now, they cannot survive -- purchasing power of their money has shrunken and food and energy prices have hammered their already stretched budgets.

Those who are hoping to own a home are shoved out of the market due to skyrocketing prices.

More people are going into debt as they borrow just to "get by". This is happening all over the world.

OK, since you fuckers are all hungry for the "East Vs West" thing, here it is:

Western culture:

Love debt. Love to create "assets" from debt. Love to create money using debt as collateral. Finance lifestyle with debt. Likes "big time" life style -- paid for by debt of course.

Like big government and big government welfare entitlements. How to pay for the welfare? The usual way: DEBT.

Westerners think they "rule the world". Actually it may be possible: they'll just use debt-finance to pay for for global domination.

East (Asian) Culture: Hard work and thrift -- they don't necessarily "like" it, but they do it. Likes hard cash. Can accumulate lots of hard cash very quickly. Hates debt because hates paying taxes and interest (considered "dead" money).

Hates giving out "welfare" to strangers and does not ever trust big government. Does not like to pay too high tax, healthy mistrust of government. Likes "conservative" safety like gold, and land. Pays everything in HARD CASH as far as possible.

East Asians ASPIRE to rule the world. And they know that they one day will buy the whole ball of wax with HARD CASH.

So there you have it : East Vs West - Liquidity Vs Owe-Money-Pay-Money.


Anonymous said...


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PostPosted: Mon Feb 21, 2011 5:19 pm Post subject: Wither the Arab World Reply with quote
The choas, economic and political asunder taking place in the Middle East do not just happen overnight. It is the cumulative effect of two factors. One it is the result of centuries of Western extreme grievous exploitation of the resources of these Arab countries when they were then under Western colonial rule including the White Americans. The white colonial masters first manipulated the local tribal leaders,the sheiks and sultans or what not to toe the line under Western colonial leadership. The common people, the large majority of the Arabs were irrelevant and inconsequential. The white men, especially the white Americans have been practically taking the oil for free for the last one hundred years . Of course the tribal sheiks or sultans benefited quite substantially from this economic exploitation while the people at large werfe left to rot in extreme poverty. This builds up a scenario of pent up frustration waiting to explode both against the West and the insentive tribal leaders.

Next, the tribal leaders who also sit as theocratic leaders and together with other crony theocratic leaders ,the so called imams or ayatollahs were able to psycho and con the commoners to blind total obedience to their hideous dictatorial theocratic rule, all in the pretentiouis obeisance to the rules of their almighty holy book of their almighty God. While the citizens or commoners at large are lulled into complete holy uncritical obeisance to the so called sacred book of the Almighty God, the tribal leaders, the sheiks, the sultans and certain theocratic leaders indulge in sinful pleasure and wallow in untold incomprehensible wealth of billions of dollars, though at the same time the commoners have to withstand extreme economic suffering in silence.

Thus the economic exploitation of the Europeans and the white Americans with the connivance of tribal leaders, the sheiks and imams have a cumulative effect of a long term pent up frustration waiting to explode. So actually the present peoples revolt is both a rejection against evil Western exploitation as much as against pretentious theocratic rule. Lets hope the Middle East people will succeed in securing a more enlighten secular type of government.