The scourge would not go away

Many have been caught, jailed and caned. Unfortunately the harassment against innocent residents continues. It seems that it will never end and can never end. Is it so difficult to deal with loan sharks with the technology and resources today? It was reported that less than 1% of HDB households are victims of loan sharks. Using this percentage angle to describe the crime as if it is insignificant is shameful. And if even one case is too many, how can we live with so many cases? 1% of 800,000 households means 8,000 households are being harassed by the loan sharks. And this is a huge number and can never be tolerated. Imagine if the ST claims that it is acceptable to have a 1% typo error on its news papers, or the PUB claims that 1% of power outage is ok? It means that on every page of the paper, every 100 letters there will be an error. Similarly, every year there will be 3.5 days of power outages. Acceptable? 1% of households are victims of loan sharks cannot be accepted as good or even satisfactory. When will the scourge be removed from our shores? Paying top dollar, the people must demand for top dollar performance.


Anonymous said...

Becos of the scourge, some unemployed people have jobs and works to do leh.

Anonymous said...

The people can demand, but if those who paid top dollars are not ashamed of their failure, we the people are better talking to walls.

Anonymous said...

perhaps an effective way to wipe out this would be for the operators to be subject to laws that are applicable to crimes like drug trafficking.

agongkia said...

But do you also know that there are some buyer who would take advantage of those desperate seller by demanding for a below valuation selling price ,taking advantage of their situation?.
The special discount from the previous owner may be more than enough for the new owner to deal with any future harassment.
OK,back to my point.
One way for those innocent victim to solve such problem and for the scourge to go away is to put a big photo in front of the flat with the name and contact number.,like
Goh Ah Gong,New owner ,just move in.Ah Long Tai Kor pls call me at HP:9XXXXXXX for kopitiam talk.I gentleman,no call police but pls no more paint.(Dun use proper english so that Ah long will be more willing and comfortable talking to you)

I am sure this can help to reduce it to 0.001 percent.No joke,new owner ,can try.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You are outdated agongkia. The loan sharks have made it very clear to the new owners. They don't care who owns the flat as long as the previous owner who borrowed money did not pay, they will keep attacking the flat including its new innocent owners.

When caught, they should be shot by a firing squad. Lawless!

agongkia said...

They are not brainless.Whats the point of wasting paint and taking the risk if they have confirm that the previous owner is no longer there.
So talk to them.By doing that you solve your problem and save the precious time of our MIB .Low crime statistic will also make our country impressive.
They are nothing special.Fear not.
They can even pay for your kopi see siew tai if you can convince them.Some can even offer special low interest and without the need of IC or guarantor.Call them up and harrass them to drink kopi with you every day without taking loan and maybe they will not only go away but avoid you this time.