People, go down on your knees

The people of Singapore, new and old citizens, must go down on their knees for this windfall of money given to them by the govt. Do they know where the money comes from or is coming from? Never mind, be grateful and just say thank you. And please stay there, on your knees and don't get up. For the next spate of price and fee increases will make your knees wobble. And you may have to be on your knees to beg for mercy. Just my imagination. It won't happen...not again and again. For those who have a gripe about treating foreigners or new citizens better, they may want to ask whether a new citizen of yesterday would also receive the full benefits of an aging citizen who have threw in his lot with this country for the last 50 or 60 years, contributing to the reserves and everything to produce this windfall? Maybe new citizens would not get the same amount, at least those who did not do NS will get $100 less. It is a very beneficial option to be citizens and be given cash just being a citizen. I think the application queue will get longer by another mile. Applying to be citizens is like applying to get free money.


Matilah_Singapura said...
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Matilah_Singapura said...

Don't just go down on your knees, open up that mouth and take all -- deep throat that huge throbbing PAP cock.

Lick their balls, nibbling gently so as to tease their Harry scrotums. That is very pleasurable to them. As you are tongue-teasing their balls, a lightly lubricated finger gently inserted up their ass at this point could be a nice surprise too.

Then, back to business: suck that cock like you're eating soup tulang -- pump that shaft and swirl that head with the vigour of eating a good chili crab claw down at East Coast.

When the "moment" arrives, let that PAP "messiah", that god, that saviour of yours cum all over your obedient sheeple face. In your frenzy of greedy animal lust, suck that cock dry. Oh, how delightful that PAP cum is...how nourishing, how it fills your Singapore Soul with meaning, peace and joy.

Vote buying and prostitution have alot in common.

So get on your knees... pray or suck dick, not a lot different, but at least you get to choose.

Anonymous said...

People, go down on your knees before the election.

Prepare to bend down after the election.

Matilah_Singapura said...

anon: I agree completely.

One in the mouth, then one up the ass -- politics is like a classic pono flick.

The people get the sodomy they deserve ;-)