An original Singapore Art Form

Taking a break from writing rubbish to show some of the works that I have created and called The Art of RAR. This nascent photographic art form is something I can truly claim to have originated from this little island. I hope NAC and STB are reading this and want to promote it as our native art form. The images that I have created have been good and consistent to the methodology that I have used. At this point in time I could identity a few categories eg Gold Series, Deep Space Series, Chinese Brush Series, Gems and Contemporary Arts Series. I have posted some of my Gold Series on the right column. The Zodiac Collection is now complete. On the left are examples of Contemporary Arts, Chinese Brush and Deep Space Series. The more I work on this art form, the more fascinating the images appeared. The potential of this art form is tremendous. redbean


Matilah_Singapura said...


before you fail as an artist and embarrass yourself, it would serve you to clarify your intent/ motivation.

A true artist does it for himself -- he is driven to do what he has to do because that is part of who he is -- his identity, his "soul". No Dali or Picasso did what they did for Spain or France. No doubt, they were proud to be "patriots" in a sense that they loved their cuntries... but what they did they did for THEMSELVES.

Also fuck the bloody NAC and STB -- why the fuck do you want to involve The State in your "soul"? -- that is sheer madness. Have your "success" determined by a bunch of over-paid and un-artistic no-balls tax-funded bureaucrats? are you crazy?

Instead, sell your work to the STB -- treat them as a regular private client --- that's the way. If the NAC like it, they can buy your works too -- or give you a commission do do a mureil.

Art and self-expression could be the last bastion in true private enterprise... but even then the state wants to control it.

Look at that marvelous ArtScience museum (the lotus, next to the ship, opposite the durian) across the bay which opens in about 2 weeks with spectacular "experiential" exhibitions which will BLOW YOUR MIND.

It saddens me to think that the state is involved, but thankfully because of the SHEER EXPENSE there is a hefty amount of private enterprise in the venture or it will not be able to have enough funds.

I am going to try to make another trip just so I can experience the damn thing for myself. Like I stated, the experience of art as an artist and now as the "audience" is deeply personal, individual and unreservedly selfish.

If you are an artist, take a leaf out of Damien Hirst: go private, stay private EXHIBIT and SELL as much as possible.

Artist = Entrepreneur; like I said the last bastion of true private enterprise.

Hint: do some female and male nudes in RAR. Better be quick because anyone can copy your "style" -- maybe not exactly but close enough to "spoil your market".

Anonymous said...

Looks like aliens to me. What are those things?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Good advice Matilah. I have spent many many hours of my time working on something I really enjoyed.

NAC and STB have the same mission to promote local arts and artistes. I can make do with some assistance in promoting this art. But like you say, they won't be interested until someone foreign talent gives a nod that this is something worth looking at: )

Oh anon, these are reflected/refracted koi images produced by the combination of 3 computers: )

After discovering this technique, I can feel elated at my work. Very satisfying and shiok to see how they turned out.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

My 12 Zodiac signs will look great inside any board room or the reception of any big corporation: )

Matilah_Singapura said...


Go global lah, or at least regional. Forget about this "patriotic shit" when it comes to art -- your enjoyable, selfish, self-expression.

Everything the NAC and STB promote is stuff that cannot make it in the market on its own merit -- it needs a govt department to make the rubbish "look good" and "market it" to the gullible masses. In fact, the NAC KILLS ENTREPRENEURSHIP, and also CREATIVITY and PASSION.

In the truest sense, the artist is the quintessential entrepreneur -- he must reconcile his own selfish passion with the selfish wants and needs of his customers, AND generate revenue from that. Not easy at all -- it is the HARDEST path to walk, and it is no shame to be less than financially successful because the market is fickle.

All artists thrive on wealthy patrons. Selling to corporations is making corporations your patron -- a wise and very financially beneficial move.

> I can feel elated at my work. Very satisfying and shiok to see how they turned out. <

True to the philosophy of Ayn Rand (I'm not quoting her directly): the artist is the primary beneficiary of his work, as he strives to do his utmost best (pursues his "happiness") so that he can gain selfish enjoyment of his creations.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, nudism only appeals to the animal in us, and a bit of curiosity. With Playboy and Penthouse flying around, nothing much to look at anymore.

Since you are still obsessed with it, let me remind you that all my kois are shot nude, male or female, young and old: )

Matilah_Singapura said...

I'm referring to HUMAN nudes.

Thank you for stating the obvious about animals being "naked" in their natural state -- holy fucking Mother Mary's cunt!

Human nudes have been featured in art from the time man scratched a cave wall.

I was merely making a suggestion lah -- you want to make money or not and enjoy your art at the same time?

Of course if you have no "feel" or "connection" for and to the artistic expression of human nudity, then it is pointless even trying as your art would not be authentic. Up to you lah. I'm only the audience -- I vote with my dollar or boo you off the stage ;-)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ahh, art is very subjective. Not that I don't enjoy beautifully posed nudity, not the outrageously an unartistic kind.

I read your link to Hirst. Wow, some of the things he did were simply grotesque. But they do attract a select group of followers who vote with their millions.

What I try to do, is to create beautiful stuff. pleasant to the eyes. Have gone past the stage of trying to appreciate the gross. I do admire some of the artists that could create really beautiful pictures depicting the curvatures of the human torso.

Anonymous said...

The price for one nude painting, supposing it is a collectible, could allow the buyer to see a living nude for thousands of times and in many poses.

And Redbean Sir; the subjects of your new art form could be that of nude humans mah, both sexes or anything in between and young and old.


Matilah_Singapura said...

> What I try to do, is to create beautiful stuff. pleasant to the eyes.<

If that appeals to you, that is your "thing".

People who do other stuff you might find "gross" or "disgusting".

And that is the point: Art evokes emotion : you sell your "view" on an idea, it is emotional -- the human spirit is DRIVEN by EMOTION -- some "nice" others "not so nice". Nonetheless they are emotions -- we like them, we struggle with them, we hate them... but we can never rid ourselves of them. The sheer complexity and subtle shades of human emotions DEFINE our species.

Art taps into this mechanism. 45% of our brain processing is taken up by the visual cortex and its processes. This makes VISUAL ART extremely powerful for evoking emotions.

Art cannot be "defined". It has to be experienced

Anonymous said...


durian is art now!

You either love it or hate it.

Me likes durian in its' freshest original form. Make it into kuehs or candies, it attracts me no more.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Cutting orange peel is also art. I will be posting an article on this tomorrow.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I must say that no one can recreate what I have created. They are partially created by nature and partially by nurture, by me: )